Amy Winehouse Back To Black Deluxe Edition Review!

Back To Black (2006) by Amy Winehouse is an amazing album with track after track dripping with perfection. Amy Winehouse was an incredible vocalist and songwriter whose lyrics had the emotion that her vocals emphasised with rawness and realness.

Let’s take a look at each track individually:


Rehab was a very original sounding tune when it came out in 2006 and it has a very timeless feel because of it’s quality. Winehouse’s vocal is soulful, glorious and filled with edge and emotion and the song has a great beat to it as well.

You Know I’m No Good

Brilliant storytelling and another very instantly catchy tune.

Me & Mr Jones

Very old-school soul. Beautiful.

Just Friends

This song flows along beautifully from section to section. Winehouse’s vocal seamlessly flows over the contrasting instrumentals with ease.

Back to Black

The title track is a tale of heartbreak. Winehouse had this realness in her vocal which was great whether it was a love song or a heartbreak song she sang although in my opinion she was at her strongest singing about love’s woes. It is like her heartbreak and emotion is plummeting into your ears and bringing to mind all your own sadness where matters of the heart are concerned. Raw, emotional and heartbreakingly real.

Love Is a Losing Game

More breathtaking heartbreak, Love Is a Losing Game has a very poetic feel to it and the slowed-down music compliments Winehouse’s vocal perfectly.

Tears Dry on Their Own

One of my favourite tracks on the album, this song has a very Supremes feel to it which I love. It’s like Ain’t No Mountain High Enough done in an edgy, contemporary way.

Wake Up Alone

Get the tissues ready! This is a tearjerker with stunning, heartbreaking lyrics. Another one of my favourite tracks on the album.

Some Unholy War

Beautifully haunting and really original. There is a pouring of emotion in Winehouse’s voice which really draws you in.

He Can Only Hold Her

Very catchy. The instrumentals are stunning. I love the strength of character in the lyrics. “He tries to placify her but what’s inside her never dies.” Amazing.


Again, very catchy and edgy with stunning, original instrumentals.


This track with Mark Ronson has a very storytelling quality to it and is really catchy. Stunning job.

Cupid (Deluxe Edition Version)

Another of my favourites from the album Cupid has amazing instrumentals running throughout it. When Winehouse sings, “I love a man who doesn’t know I exist” I know exactly what she means. Very catchy chorus too.

Monkey Man

Very fast and catchy. Brilliant. It has a very Caribbean beach party vibe to it in the instrumentals.

Some Unholy War (Down Tempo)

This sounds brilliant slowed-down. Glorious.

Hey Little Rich Girl

This track has a great hook and has a great beat. Very catchy and original, it flows perfectly through each part like an exhilarating speed train.

You’re Wondering Now

Very relaxed with brilliant instrumentals. Very old-school with a modern twist.

To Know Him Is To Love Him (Live For NapsterLive, London/2006)

Every time I hear this song I think of people I felt these emotions for. It’s very authentic to how a person feels when they are in love. Understated, beautiful and stunning.

Love Is a Losing Game (Original Demo)

It was lovely to hear the original demo of this track. Without too much production you get to hear Winehouse’s vocal laid bare and it shows just how incredible her vocal was if that fact was ever in any doubt. Incredible and a perfect way to end the album.


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