Interview: Justice

Name: Justice

Location: SE1 – Bankside

Age: 29

At what age did you first realise that you were gay?

I would say first when I was about 6 years old. Then when I was about 8 I realised what it was. Growing up I always saw myself marrying a man. I must say.

Have your family and friends always been supportive?

I’ve had it easy ‘cos I’m very black and white so it’s how I presented it. You in? Or you out? I’m happy either way! My background is Jamaican, and over there they use religion and hate to almost use homophobic abuse as a sport. Once I was armed with my friends approval it made it easy to get the family’s. This is me I said! You in?

Are you involved in political activism? Is there any organisations whose work you particularly admire?

No I don’t. But I have plans to. They are a group of gays living in a storm drain in Jamaica, after being forced out of a swart. It moved me to see the length people have to go to, to be themselves. I have plans to get involved.

Are you religious? What do you think of the Church’s attitude towards gay people?

Well religion is always a messy one. I consider myself spiritual and can respect others’ choices. I just think people need to be aware of what religion really is! And that all the power is with inside of you. I believe most religions are there to control people, they can’t control us with it, so they demonise us with it, while open to recruiting us telling us we can change! They way I see it is this! What ever gives you comfort! Go for it! But not at the expense of others, in an unhealthy way.

Do you think that the world have become more accepting and welcoming to gay people in more modern times or do you feel that there is still a long way to go?

It’s a hard one! Yes we still have a way to go. But! We wasn’t going away! And now with the birth of reality tv it just would not work without us . From behind the scenes to in front of the camera. Most of all! Everyone using our lingo from our forefathers. #hastagedat! Lol

Music and fashion are bringing lots of people together, and gays are at the heart of that melting pot! It’s a great time to be gay! Lol. Nobody is shocked anymore! Next stop bearded ladies! Lol

Have you ever experienced discrimination in your life because of your sexuality?

Oh gosh, not since late 90s but it would be people saying as you walk past. But yes everyday! In entertainment business it can hinder or when you come across a closet or some with issues! They can offload their insecurities on you. Nowadays days they know that we are the makers of cool! Lol

What would you say to someone out there who is struggling with their own sexuality or coming out or who is been bullied or discriminated against because of who they are?

Gosh! I would say it gets better! Once you have made peace with it! Know no one on the earth can get in your way! As gay people we get to choose our family ( in my Ru Paul voice) so there is love ready and waiting for you. Being yourself is the best feeling in the world.

Growing up did you find it easy to meet other gay people?

It was hard, but saying that! It’s like we can smell it on each other! You just know! Sometimes it’s in our eyes! Gay eyes! Lol. I remember sniffing out the others and the girls who are down with us. Others not so lucky! No!

Have you ever been in love?

Yes I have. But it’s hard not to dedicate your whole life to it, as you have seen people in love for years and wondered, when’s it my turn?! I used to be obsessed with love, being older I now know better.

Are you married? If so, what was your wedding day like? If not would you like to get married someday?

My Fave question, I’m not married but I have been planning my wedding since I was 6. I used to play weddings by wrapping myself around a duvet, to make a wedding dress. And marry a man of course! I would say my husband when asked! Lol. It’s one of my life goals, to be fulfilled before 35 for sure.

Are you a father? If so, what does fatherhood mean to you? If not would you like to be a father someday?

In my first relationship, we had a plan to have kids. We were on a mission to be fathers, but now I feel too busy making my career happen! But when I’m married if my husband wants kids I’m up for that.


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