Interview: Frankco


Name: Frankco

Location: London, originally from Bermuda

Age: 30

When did you realise that you were gay?

I never really properly consider myself as gay or bi or straight. I don’t believe in any of these terms. I believe they are all socially constructed. However, I knew that I was attracted to men from a very young age. I was around about 6 or 7 when I had my first feelings towards other boys.

Have you ever experienced any discrimination because of your sexuality in your life?

I was born in a very rough part of Bermuda that was very much populate by Jamaicans and had a serious culture of homophobia passed down through the Reggae and Bashment music. All I knew was discrimination up until I started to fight back when I was about 16. Fights upon fight and verbal slanging at every corner. 

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

That would MR. Julian Hall. He was one of the greatest barristers to ever live in Bermuda. He was highly intelligent, but sort of a tortured soul of sorts for various reasons. He took me under his wing and we travelled around the world a bit. I worked with him and smoozed and boozed with him. He was my father, lover and best friend with really being none of those except my best friend. He past away a few years back and I have felt an empty void in my life ever since. 

Do you think that the world has become more welcoming to gay people in more modern times or do you think there is still s long way to go?

Absolutely the world is opening up a bit a lot in comparison to my times growing up, but we still have a long way to go. Ignorance is passed down through generations, only when we step out of this idea that it is ok to dictate who is acceptable to love regardless of religious or cultural norms will we move forward properly. 

Were your family and friends always supportive?

I told my mom and she said she loves me and I will always be her “Lilly”. The last person as far as I was concerned to let know was my father. It wasn’t easy but once I did that I left the family home and Bermuda and truly did not care what the rest of my family thought. However I have a funny, strong and dynamic family on both sides so although some may have not liked it at first(or even still now) they love me. Although I am almost certain that they know I don’t care. Lol

What would you say to someone who is struggling with their own sexuality or with coming out that they are gay or who is been bullied or discriminated against because of who they are?

I will say although we were born into a family of humans or indeed from human parents, when we come into this world we come alone and we go alone. So NOBODY in the world irrespective of who they are or what relation they have to you should tell you how you MUST live your life and who you can and can not love. Respect people around you and in your life however, do not do this to the point that you forget to respect yourself and your true feelings. Stand up for your rights and love who you want. There is a lot of support out there these days. If you feel alone you are not! Be blessed and be encouraged.   🙂

Are you religious? What do you think of the Church’s attitude towards gay people?

I hate the term “religious”. People throw this word around because it suits them or their opinion. I am deeply spiritual and in fact do consider myself a Christian. Does this confuse people and do I get grief for this being “gay”, yes. Do I care, no. I find it funny that most people religiously go to the bar every week to get a drink, religiously watch their TV programmes and religiously call up their drug dealers being slaves to those masters. Probably more than I ever get to go to church in the same span of time. But this is ok? I just don’t care for people’s opinion about my faith. I hate that the religious zealots and idiots who are causing war around the world. But this is not the problem of religion it is HUMANS, their egos and ideologies. I’ll end here because I can go on forever. I don’t stuff my faith down people’s throat. I think the church has it’s place but I tend not to follow the “church” I worship there. But in the end they re a group of humans with human/holyish minds. End of story really.

Are you political? If so, is there any organisations whose work you particularly admire?

Politics and politicians make me itch nowadays. I rage against the machine. Although I once wanted to be a politician, I can not be a puppet and my mouth is sometimes too unfiltered. 

Have you ever been in love?

I actually been in love truly once maybe about 14 years ago. It broke me apart when it fell apart. When I think about it I have had close encounters and have felt serious love for people since then but still have not been in love like that since. 

Are you married? If so, what was your wedding day like? If not, would you like to get married someday?

I am married to myself and my music career at the moment, but OMG yes I want to get married. I believe in that union of two people. I want a huge wedding or whatever my partner wants as well really. 

Are you a father? If so, what does fatherhood mean to you? If not, would you like to be a father someday?

I am not a father, but would like to be some day. Only when I am mentally and financially prepared to deal with that responsibility. I think I will start with a dog first though then progress to child.(with my partner of course).

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