Culture Vulture Express Turns 2!

Today Culture Vulture Express turns 2! It is amazing to be two years at the helm of my humble little blog and thank you so much to everyone, old and new followers and visitors, for all the support. I hope the articles are to your standards! 🙂

So what’s next for the site? I have noticed that I have certain categories up that have very few articles in them and one aim over the next while is to fill them up a bit so that people who end up on the site with a particular interest in a particular area have plenty to read. I don’t want to neglect my other categories either though so I hope to continue updating those sections as well. Other than that I just want to keep trying to post what I hope are interesting pieces that you will all like reading.

Much thanks once again everyone and I shall continue trying my best. 🙂


2 comments on “Culture Vulture Express Turns 2!

  1. Halim says:

    Congratulations. All the best for the years ahead for you and your blog!

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