Maison Margiela Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Maison Margiela’s Fall/Winter show in the Grand Palais was a wonderful celebration of unique style by John Galliano in his debut show for the fashion house. It is an original and vibrant collection which was opened in grand style with a flowing brown coat. Other pieces showcased included a black gothic dress complete with gothic make-up, a full-length black leather coat, a hippie outfit of a green jacket paired with black pinstripe trousers and a black headband and a leopard print and pinstripe look which appeared alongside many black gothic looks bringing the show of 30 looks to a close. There was a theatrical feel which ran through many of the looks too and the combination of looks be it theatrical or gothic or hippie made the show a very individual show which makes it stand out from the crowd in all its fabulous glory.

The make-up and hair was brilliantly executed for this particular show. There was gothic make-up as previously mentioned and an array of models in 80s’ style make-up. There was many different looks in the hair department too with 60s’ hairstyles and stunning hats as well as beautiful headbands that gave a nod to the hippie look.

Accessories also complemented the looks stunningly. Floral was the star of the hour with some quirky and fabulous yellow roses sent down the catwalk and my favourite the black rose which was helping to show off the full perfection of the gothic dress. The orange gloves worked a treat making the looks more original and refreshing. I must also mention the furry boots which were sent down the catwalk with many of the looks. They were quirky, unique and fabulous and I loved them.


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