My Current Favourites In Big Brother 2015!

Aw, this week one of my favourites was voted out of the Big Brother house, Jade. Was really sad to see her go. I have completely gone off Cristian this week. Jade is a lady and he seems just to be jealous because she chose Brian and not him. He was very rude this week and was trying to insinuate that she was going from man to man. I never seen that but I guess we’ll let Cristian enjoy his fiction. A few weeks ago another favourite of mine Aaron was ejected from the house. Like Jade I miss him in there but it was good to see him on BOTS and good to see he’s ok since been removed from the house.

A lot has happened since my last BB blog post, hasn’t it? So out of all those left, who are my favourite four at the moment? Read on to find out.


I still love Nick. He is still my favourite in there. There is just something very lovable about him. Seems to have a really good heart and be a gentleman. Beautiful inside and outside clearly. Really interesting and Nick for the win!


Joel has grown on me. He seems a very nice lad. Like Nick, he has a nerdy side which I always love about people because they are generally very interesting people. I do love the way he speaks and makes such calm, intelligent comments.


Marc wasn’t in the house last time when I wrote the blog post and for the first few days I wasn’t too keen on him but then he really came into his own. He is very entertaining and seems very nice. The Dubliner is doing us all proud in Ireland just like Jade did.


I will admit that on launch night I was happy Simon went. Well I found the situation he did get evicted in horrible but I thought I can’t put up with watching that man for long and initially when he went back in my opinion didn’t change but in the past week and a half I have warmed to him. Yes, he fake cries but that’s not a big deal. He seems a nice man and I think when he does get on with someone he is loyal to them as seen after Marc’s fake eviction.

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