My Favourite Five Contestants Right Now In Big Brother 2015!

I’ve been watching Big Brother on TV3 over the past while and deciding who my favourites were. It’s been really entertaining so far. At this stage here is my favourite four contestants in the show:


I have loved Nick since he went in. He is quite easy on the eye but he also comes across really lovely, interesting, witty and gentle.


Our Irish girl Jade is doing amazing. She is so entertaining and is been a strong, Irish woman in the face of a lot of cruelness really in there especially from Eileen. I love the way she just laughs it all off and doesn’t take any of it too seriously. I also think her and Nick are so cute together so whether it turns out to be a friendship or relationship I’m sure it’ll be amazing.


I find Aaron really witty. When he was drunk he was so funny. I think his heart’s in the right place so I hope he does well.


Cristian is such a lovely lad. Really nice.


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