Republic of Ireland Vote Yes In Marriage Equality Referendum

On the 22nd of this month my wonderful country the Republic of Ireland voted Yes to marriage equality. We have become the first country to legalise same-sex marriage by a popular vote and I couldn’t be more proud. We showed we were a loving, compassionate country with liberal, caring minds who embrace equality and love and I’m so happy to be in a country with so many wonderful, open-minded people.

There was a huge turn-out to vote in this very important referendum with the Yes campaign winning in the end by more than 1.2 million votes, claiming victory by over 460,000 votes. Irish people from around the world travelled home to take part in the referendum and many people gathered at Dublin Castle to celebrate the result on the 23rd of May. Amendment 34 to the Irish constitution passed by 62% to 38%. Overwhelmingly victorious which makes this whole win even more beautiful because so many people believe in equality. On the 23rd Vincent Browne also presented a referendum results show from The George and rainbows were seen in Cork and Dublin as the last results came through:

From Amanda Cooke’s Twitter:

Here is some reactions about this amazing result:

From Fine Gael Limerick Twitter:

Aw too cute! 🙂 Congrats to the newly engaged couple! 🙂

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said,

Panti Bliss said,

“This is the epitome of a grassroots campaign that started 40 years ago when a tiny group stood up and said they had nothing to be afraid of.”

Leo Varadkar said,

“Something has been awakened in the Irish people … it was not just a referendum it was more like a social revolution.”

Hozier said,

Pat Carey said,

“It’s down to the brave, ordinary people of Ireland who took their courage in their hands.”

Senator David Norris said,

“It’s wonderful. It’s a little bit late for me … I’ve spent so much time pushing the boat out that I forgot to jump on and now it’s out beyond the harbour on the high seas, but it’s very nice to look at.”

Sir Ian McKellen said,

Stephen Fry said,

And my own:

I am so happy. I honestly couldn’t have beared it if the yes vote didn’t go through. It would have been awful. Now the country is an even more beautiful place than it was before. Well done to all! 🙂


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