Placebo Placebo Review!

Placebo by Placebo (1996) is a stunning debut album. Ah, the debut album of Placebo! A real joy to hear the start of a band who have become so influential to so many people including me. There is quite a bit of this album I can relate to because I am around the age that they were when they brought it out. Packed with what was to become their trademark sound of emotive and thought-provoking lyrics, incredible instrumentals, Brian’s outstandingly unique voice and very catchy songs all-round with fantastic hooks that swirl around happily in your head and stay there. Their songs have definitely since become more mature-sounding as you’d expect and it’s great when you hear this album to hear the start of that musical journey.

Come Home

Rousing instrumentals and striving strong vocals make this another Placebo winner.

Teenage Angst

Emotive and strong. The lines are like poetry and stem out stunningly from the track. The instrumentals also have a 90s’ grunge feel to them which fits perfectly with the song.


Thundering, strong and catchy. Excellent instrumental command by the band. Brian’s vocal is soaring and powerful.

36 Degrees

Very original and catchy. Wonderful song with a very catchy chorus. Brian’s vocal is brilliantly presented. The way this song flows from the various different parts is very well constructed and crafted.

Hang On To Your IQ

Very storytelling with an instantly catchy hook, “Hold on to your IQ. To your ID.”. Brilliant. Very imaginative and original. The instrumentals are understated brilliance and Brian’s vocal is stunning.

Nancy Boy

One of my favourite Placebo songs. The chorus is so catchy. And the verses are brilliantly put together. Brian’s voice is very storyteller-like on this track too which brings so much life and energy to the song combined with the outstanding instrumentals. Stunning. Stunning. Stunning.

I Know

Very good lyrically. It’s kind of poetic. And very catchy.

Bruise Pristine

Very powerful and catchy. Thundering and passionate. Brian’s vocal is amazing throughout the song. There is also an amazing break into an even faster rhythm in this song and the chimes leading up to it brilliantly flow into the faster segment.

Lady Of The Flowers

This is brilliant. The sexual, seductive sound in Brian’s voice on this number just draws you in. He’s got such a come-to-bed voice. It’s intoxicating.


The opening music is very haunting and it builds up wonderfully. It’s brilliant instrumentally and goes well with the spoken pieces.

2 comments on “Placebo Placebo Review!

  1. sinnerz13 says:

    Would love to see them live!

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