Short Story: Easter Egg Hunt

Belated Happy Easter everyone! Hope it was a brilliant Easter for you and yours! 🙂 In a late homage to the occasion I have written a short story entitled Easter Egg Hunt which I hope you all enjoy! 🙂

Paul watched his husband Malcolm helping their four-year-old twins Katie and Mark to find the Easter eggs hidden in their garden. Or to be more precise pretending to be helping since he knew where they were. After all they had hid them together earlier that morning while the kids were still in bed. He smiled as Malcolm deliberately guided Katie over to the plant pot that a Buttons egg was behind.
“I can’t see any, can you K?”, he asked finally putting his acting degree to good use, thought Paul.
“Yeah, there’s one there! Daddy, you are silly!”, Katie exclaimed and Paul secretly agreed but in the best possible sense of course!
“I don’t like that one! Where’s the milky bar one?”, Katie said handing the Buttons egg to her brother and going in search of that elusive milky bar egg.
Paul got up and walked over to the shed and shoved the milky bar egg out slightly while the kids weren’t looking. Malcolm noticed out of the corner of his eye and Paul could see a smile curve the side of his mouth. And as Paul moved away from the shed right on cue Malcolm said,
“Let’s go check the shed again.”
As Katie noticed the egg she looked suspicious.
“But that wasn’t there.”
The pitfalls of having intelligent children!, thought Paul while beginning his made-up story and making it up bit by bit as he told it.
“Well you see when the Easter bunny … when he decides … when he wants to surprise children who have been good throughout the year he sends them through magic from his burrow.”
“But he didn’t send mine.”, Mark said sadly.
Paul looked guiltily to Malcolm for help. He hadn’t thought that one through and now their son looked on the verge of tears.
“He did. That’s why it appeared when it did. I looked over and I couldn’t see it before then.”, Malcolm said quickly getting down on his hunkers to hug the near sobbing child.
Paul rushed over and put his hand on Mark’s shoulder soothingly.
“The Easter bunny loves you and Katie. I’ve met him and he says this is the house that he loves visiting the most and bring the most eggs to.”
“Then why does Emma Perry get more eggs every year?”, Katie asked, gobbling down a lump of Easter egg.
Because Emma Perry’s parents are richer!, thought Paul.
“Take it slowly there K.”, Paul said, concerned by her fast eating.
“Let’s go try and find another Easter egg.”, Malcolm said bringing the topic off Emma Perry’s annual Easter egg collection.
In brighter spirits now Mark went searching behind a tree.
“Thanks.”, Paul silently mouthed.
“No problem.”, Malcolm replies with a smile.
The rest of the family join Mark who is now digging at clay.
“Whoah Marky boy, the Easter bunny doesn’t bury them in the ground. It’s a rule of his.”, Malcolm says quickly as Paul holds back laughter knowing how proud Malcolm is of the garden.
“Are you sure?”, Paul laughs.
Malcolm throws him a look as if to say “shut-up”. Paul laughs.
“No, your dad’s right. He doesn’t like to dirty them.”
Behind the next tree Mark finds another Easter egg.
“Why is the Easter bunny male?”, Katie asks, munching down yet another piece of Easter egg far too quickly for Paul’s liking.
“K, eat a little slower … why? Because he just is I suppose … but there used to be a lady bunny in charge. She was his mother but he took over after that.”
“Did she die?”
“Yeah … but it was peaceful and she was a hundred and ten years old.”
Kate got up and waddled over to the heather bush.
“I just thought of something. The chocolate Easter bunny.”
She pulled the chocolate bunny out from behind the heather.
“How did you know it was there?”, Paul asked.
“Because it always is.”, Katie replied.
As the kids went into the house, Paul and Malcolm followed.
“We’ll have to be a bit more imaginative with the Easter bunny thingy next year!”, Malcolm whispered to Paul.
“In this tiny garden?!”
“I’ll put up a new tree.”
Paul gives Malcolm a gentle kiss on the lips.
“Always straight in with the ideas.”
“I want lemonade and I can’t reach it and daddy and daddy are taking too long chatting and kissing.”, they can hear Katie saying from the kitchen.
“But it’s sweet.”, Mark replies.
Paul and Malcolm giggle.
“We better …”, Paul begins.
“Yeah.”, Malcolm replies and they walk inside the house to begin lemonade duties.

Lynn Gunn Interviewed By Kerrang Magazine!

I was reading the interview in this week’s Kerrang with Pvris frontwoman Lynn Gunn. I’ve been listening a lot to their debut album lately and I think she has a very contemporary Alanis Morissette feel to her voice so I found it an interesting read.

The interview by Jennyfer J. Walker with photos by Andrew Lipovsky opens with a look back at the moment Lynn realised this was what she wanted to do. The story was that she said it was after going to a Paramore and Jimmy Eat World co-headline show when she was 14 at the Tsongas Center in her home place Lowell in Massachusetts.

The interview speaks about how Lynn is quiet and introverted except when she’s onstage or with close mates and her fascination with featuring death in her lyrics a lot. She explains the latter saying,

“When I was three or four I was really into haunted houses and ghost stories. I had this blow-up skeleton that I’d sleep with in my crib, and my mom was like, ‘What’s wrong with this kid?”

Lynn also spoke about working in Hot Topic and Guitar Center saying,

“The shifts were from early morning to right when the sun went down. I’d never see the light of day, so I hated it.”

Lynn also spoke about her sexuality. She said her parents were always supportive and that she knew she was gay from the age of 13 but made the decision to keep it to herself until she was 18. She said,

“Kids in school are way too stupid and mean to be able to grasp that, so I was like, ‘I’m not gonna do this right now’. I waited until I was out of high school to just be open about it, because I didn’t wanna have to deal with shitheads picking on me all the time, even though there’s nothing wrong with it. I’ve always just been comfortable with it because I don’t think it makes me any different than anybody else – your sexuality doesn’t define you whatsoever, and it doesn’t affect anyone else, so I’ve never looked at it as a big deal. But unfortunately in today’s society it still is for a lot of people. Thankfully the worst criticism I’ve had is, ‘It’s a shame she’s gay!’ because some guy wanted to date me.”

She also spoke about the bad time she went through for a year which was the inspiration for most of debut album White Noise,

“I don’t want to call it depression – I don’t really know what it was, but it was a really bad time. I literally got upset over nothing, I was so unmotivated and didn’t see the point in anything, and could not find a way to be happy or positive, or anything. There was shit bothering me but I didn’t know what it was or how to talk about it…”

Read the full interview in the current issue of Kerrang.

Thunder And Roses And Katie Walsh Storm To Victory In Irish Grand National!

20/1 shot Thunder And Roses the Irish Grand National at Fairyhouse today with Katie Walsh on board. Three runners for Gigginstown House Stud led turning into the home straight but it was Thunder And Roses who prevailed over Mouse Morris duo Rule The World and Band Of Blood who finished 2nd and 4th in the end respectively after Thunder And Roses stormed on to a four-and-a-quarter-length win over rivals. Third was Sizing Coal.

Walsh is the first female rider to win the race since Nina Carberry’s win in 2011 on Organisedconfusion. She said following her win,

“This is absolutely class. I’ve had some fantastic days, but this is an Irish National. They stopped in front and he kept going. It’s great for women in racing. He jumped fairly good, to be fair to him. Maybe at the ditch he wasn’t so good but, other than that, he was excellent.”

Trainer Sandra Hughes, daughter of the late Dessie Hughes, said,

“Katie was absolutely fantastic, she just suited him to a tee. She was brilliant and he (Thunder And Roses) was brilliant. He stays all day. I was a little disappointed with him at Cheltenham but he came out of it fine so we took our chance. We thought all year that this was the race for him. He stays and keeps going and he doesn’t mind that ground. Someone above was helping us out. Dad always loved this race and to do it for him is wonderful. Dad was with us all the way today. I have to give a big thanks to Michael and Eddie O’Leary (of Gigginstown) for letting me have the horse and train him for it. I’d say that’ll be him for the year.”

Well done to all concerned! 🙂

Seven Tips For The Irish Grand National 2015!

The Irish National 2015 is upon us once again and my inner gambler is ignited once again! Take a look below at my five top tips for this prestigious race:

Gallant Oscar


Pass The Hat


Champagne James

Thunder And Roses

If In Doubt

Stevie McCrorie Wins The Voice UK!

Tonight Scotland rocker Stevie McCrorie won the fourth series of The Voice UK beating off stiff competition from our very own opera singer Lucy O’Byrne in the last two. Joint third was Sasha Simone and Emmanuel Nwamadi.

Following his win Stevie said,

“I’m so lost for words right now. I can’t thank everyone enough for doing this for me. ‘I never thought this was possible… Everyone that’s voted for me, please go and buy that single and start my career.”

Earlier in the evening proud mentor Ricky said of Stevie,

“It’s brilliant to see a man who had a dream following a dream.”

McCrorie’s version of Adam Levine’s Lost Stars was set to be brought out three hours after he won. On the final he performed the track as well as his audition song All I Want by Kodaline, I’ll Stand By You by The Pretenders and a version of Get Back by The Beatles with his mentor Ricky Wilson.

Well done Stevie on your win! 🙂 Also well done Lucy! Girl, you did Ireland really proud! 🙂 And well done to Sasha and Emmanuel too! 🙂

Watch Stevie’s crowning moment here:

Eurovision’s Greatest Hits!

Tonight I watched Eurovison’s Greatest Hits. It was really fun. 🙂 Presented by our very own Graham Norton and Sweden’s Petra Mede, the night was a trip down Eurovision memory lane with performances from Johnny Logan, Riverdance, Conchita Wurst, Dima Bilan, Loreen, Brotherhood Of Man, Dana International, Nicole, Bobbysocks!, Lordi, Natasha St-Pier, The Olsen Brothers, Rosa Lopez, Anne-Marie David, the Herreys and Emmelie De Forest. The acts also performed together at the end. Graham also spoke to first winner of the contest Lys Assia and we had Eurovision memories scattered throughout the night. Also I must mention the style which me and my sister were discussing during the show. Conchita Wurst’s purple dress with a cinched in belt at the waist was stunning. Also loved Nicole’s Stevie Nicks-esque look, Dana International’s amazing outfits especially her performance outfit for Diva which had a whole hippie flavour to it, Loreen’s gothic outfit (Seriously that girl knows how to do gothic! :-)) and the girls in Brotherhood Of Man’s chic androgynous looks. Also it was wonderful to see Dima Bilan. I have a long-time crush on that man! 🙂

Look at some photos from the event below:

To watch the show go to:


Thin Lizzy Jailbreak Review!

Jailbreak (1976) by Thin Lizzy is an album of equally amazing two halves. On one side you have understated simplicity in tunes such as Fight Or Fall and Romeo And The Lonely Girl and then on the other side you have atmospheric songs like Emerald and Warriors. And the Irish band prove just as capable at both as Phil Lynott’s unique vocal seeps through your ears accompanied by glorious and strong instrumentals. Every time I listen to Thin Lizzy I am immensely proud to be Irish and I adore the Dublin sound flowing through Lynott’s vocals combined with added attitude and edge.


Thundering and atmospheric, the title track is an opener which bursts into your ears. There is a great story-telling quality to Lynott’s voice. You can see the whole scene in front of you as he sings and the instrumentals are so fast and insane. Amazing.

Angel From The Coast

Very understated and beautifully constructed. The lyrics have a brilliant poetic quality to them.

Running Back

Running Back is a brilliant song. It’s instantly catchy and the lyrics are very real. That vulnerability of running back instantly to the person you love when they ask is expressed very well through Lynott’s strong, amazing vocal. The instrumentals are understated and go brilliantly with the song.

Romeo And The Lonely Girl

Phil Lynott’s voice flows effortlessly all the way through in storyteller mode on this very understated track. It has a very catchy chorus and an amazing guitar solo.


Atmospheric and thundering. Full of attitude and edge. A very strong song with complicated, amazing instrumentals. Phil’s voice is on point throughout effortlessly as always but then what else would you expect from his outstanding vocal ability?

The Boys Are Back In Town

Another song which Lynott’s vocal is very storyteller-esque on. It has thundering instrumentals and is brimming with attitude. Damn catchy as well.

Fight Or Fall

Understated and brilliant. It has these lovely relaxing instrumentals. It has a slight gospel feel to it.

Cowboy Song

Again there is a great story-telling quality to Phil Lynott’s voice on this track. There is great attention to detail in the lyrics and it is very catchy. The guitar solo is also stunning.


Emerald is the perfect closer to the album. It is thundering and atmospheric. And insanely catchy. Brilliant.