Poem: Sister, Best Friend

In homage to the recent National Siblings Day here is a poem about my sister Sharon. Love you Shar! xxx

Sometimes I think I would have went crazy if you weren’t around,
Speaking to me about life’s daily trials,
Putting me on the right path,
Telling me to ignore negative external vibes,
Encouraging me to follow my dreams,
Believing in me more than I believed in myself.
Making sure that I knew I was as good as everyone else,
Making sure I knew that I wasn’t boring, stupid or weird.

Sharing a chat and a cigarette,
Talking together about men,
Celebrities, make-up and culture.
Talking and laughing for hours,
A drink down the local
And out doing the shopping.
My best friend as well as my sister,
Blessed to have you as my big sis.

Lucky every day.
The road made lighter
By love, care and understanding.
By someone who completely gets me,
Who always knew me better than I even knew myself.
I love you sis
And I always will.
The best, wisest sis ever.

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