Thin Lizzy Jailbreak Review!

Jailbreak (1976) by Thin Lizzy is an album of equally amazing two halves. On one side you have understated simplicity in tunes such as Fight Or Fall and Romeo And The Lonely Girl and then on the other side you have atmospheric songs like Emerald and Warriors. And the Irish band prove just as capable at both as Phil Lynott’s unique vocal seeps through your ears accompanied by glorious and strong instrumentals. Every time I listen to Thin Lizzy I am immensely proud to be Irish and I adore the Dublin sound flowing through Lynott’s vocals combined with added attitude and edge.


Thundering and atmospheric, the title track is an opener which bursts into your ears. There is a great story-telling quality to Lynott’s voice. You can see the whole scene in front of you as he sings and the instrumentals are so fast and insane. Amazing.

Angel From The Coast

Very understated and beautifully constructed. The lyrics have a brilliant poetic quality to them.

Running Back

Running Back is a brilliant song. It’s instantly catchy and the lyrics are very real. That vulnerability of running back instantly to the person you love when they ask is expressed very well through Lynott’s strong, amazing vocal. The instrumentals are understated and go brilliantly with the song.

Romeo And The Lonely Girl

Phil Lynott’s voice flows effortlessly all the way through in storyteller mode on this very understated track. It has a very catchy chorus and an amazing guitar solo.


Atmospheric and thundering. Full of attitude and edge. A very strong song with complicated, amazing instrumentals. Phil’s voice is on point throughout effortlessly as always but then what else would you expect from his outstanding vocal ability?

The Boys Are Back In Town

Another song which Lynott’s vocal is very storyteller-esque on. It has thundering instrumentals and is brimming with attitude. Damn catchy as well.

Fight Or Fall

Understated and brilliant. It has these lovely relaxing instrumentals. It has a slight gospel feel to it.

Cowboy Song

Again there is a great story-telling quality to Phil Lynott’s voice on this track. There is great attention to detail in the lyrics and it is very catchy. The guitar solo is also stunning.


Emerald is the perfect closer to the album. It is thundering and atmospheric. And insanely catchy. Brilliant.


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