Belated Happy Birthday Hozier & A Look Back At His Other Voices Special!

Yesterday was a big Birthday for the amazing Irish singer/songwriter Hozier who turned 25! Happy Birthday to him! In celebration let’s look at three of his cracking tunes:

Take Me To Church

To Be Alone

Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene

Recently Hozier appeared on Other Voices which was his first TV show appearance when he was starting out. The show is presented by the also very handsome actor and presenter Aidan Gillen

Speaking about his first appearance, Hozier said,

“I remember in the soundcheck my voice was starting to go. I was freaking out… trying to drink ginger lemon tea. I was in a terrible state of panic the whole day.”

On the topic of his amazing and well-deserved success he said,

“I thought I had many years of work ahead. In Ireland it is crazy – the level of support is insane. I didn’t imagine anything like that for a long time. It’s a hell of a lot busier – there are a lot of new experiences.”

Speaking about performing he said,

“I’m much more comfortable on stage now. On Other Voices, I was dropped into a learning curve of performance. ‘How the hell do you articulate that music on stage?’ I didn’t have the equipment to make that happen.”

On the success of the amazing Take Me To Church he said,

“I was proud of it and excited – I had managed to get all these ideas into that song. I didn’t see a top 10 hit. I hoped maybe people would like it or appreciate it.”


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