Short Story: Final Mother’s Day

Today is a very special day. Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to my own amazing Mum Bridget. Love you to bits darling! 🙂 Hope all the Mums out there have a fab day! I wrote a short story in honour of the day. It’s quite a sad story really but it shows the strength of love and family and I hope that you like it.

Sheena wished things were different. Staring at the doctor she was in a haze. The last thing she had heard were the words, “The cancer has spread. There’s nothing that can be done.” and now all she could see was the doctor’s mouth moving. The words not coming through to her brain which was now all flustered. Distressed. Full with fright.
“Miss. Roads, are you alright?”, the doctor asked.
Sheena tried to compose herself the best she could.
“How … how long?”
“Three months.”, the doctor had said after a moment’s pause.
All that Sheena could think was that she needed to get out of that room. All those pitying glares were not something she was used to. She lived her life as a strong woman. The only time she had those glares was from people who hadn’t understood her shyness and thus thought she was somehow incapable. She wasn’t about to tolerate them kind of glares now. She quickly stood up.
“Well thank you, I best be getting home.”
Her words were clam but her tone of voice was shaking.
“Miss. Roads, have you anyone with you? Your son David …”
“He’s at work. I’ll be fine doctor. Thank you.”
She rushed as quickly as she could from the office and got into her car. The quiet in the car made her mind spin even more. Thoughts of death. Thoughts of leaving David behind. Yes, he was twenty-five. An adult well capable of looking after himself. But a mother never stopped worrying. And in the calm she realised that the doctor wasn’t like those other people. The look on her face was concern. Not pity. But it’s difficult to be rational when you’ve just heard the most earth-shattering news of your life.
She breathed in and out. And in and out again. Then she started the car and began driving. On the way home she passed the shops with their signs and banners about Mother’s Day, their endless bouquets of flowers, their endless chocolates and cards. Parents shopping with their children, parents playing in the park with their children. A tear began to form in the corner of her eye as she watched and remembered the days when she used to play football in the park with David when he was small. How they would take penalties against each other and she would pretend not to be able to save the penalties and he’d say, “Mum, stop letting me win!”.
The tear fell down her cheek as she watched a mother hand her young son an ice-cream and she remembered the days when she and David would go down to the seaside. The child accidently drops the cone and begs his mother for another.
“You can’t have another. You should have held it tighter.”
Oh give the child another ice-cream you bitch! These will be the days you’ll miss!
She continues driving as the child’s crying echoes and arrives at her house. She gets out of the car as her neighbour comes out the door.
“I’ll have to get the council involved if you insist on keeping those bins outside the door.”, the crusty woman says.
“They were meant to collect them this morning …”
“I’ll get onto the council. And don’t think I won’t you bitch.”, she interrupts and marches off in a military stance.
Sheena thinks how she and David have had nothing but trouble from that woman since they began living there. She didn’t even remember having a proper conversation with the anti-social woman and she didn’t even know her name.
Live life and stop complaining. You only get one life! I wish bins were the only thing on my head!
She stepped inside and slumped herself sorrowfully onto the sofa. Alone. Alone with her thoughts. Alone with thoughts she doesn’t want to have. And that’s when the full onslaught of tears that have been threatening to come since she had received the news at the hospital come. Flowing heavily and making her eyes feel soft and tired. Delicate. Delicate like life itself. She falls to the floor screaming and crying.
By the time David has returned from work she has composed herself.
“Hey mum. Sorry I was a bit later. I had to stop off at the shop for these. Happy Mother’s Day.”, he says handing her the card in it’s pale pink envelope and a neatly wrapped gift.
“Wrapped it in the shopping centre toilets.”, he adds.
She holds back the tears that are heavy in her mind. She knows this will be her last Mother’s Day with her son. She remains strong and hugs him like everything is normal.
“Thanks Davie.”
She opens the card and smiles at the butterfly illustrations.
“I thought it was appropriate.”, he smiles.
They had went on many nature walks when he was small looking at the butterflies and ladybirds on their travels.
She opens the card and reads the message,

To Mum,

Happy Mother’s Day. Have a fantastic day. You deserve it.

Love you to bits.

Love David. Xxx.

Again she holds back the tears which are threatening to come. She must remain strong until the time comes to tell him. It has always been just the two of them.
“It’s beautiful darling.”
She opens the present. It is a book on the style of Grace Kelly. He always knew how obsessed his mother was with her style and the story of Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco.
“It’s great. Thanks so much son. You know me too well.”
“I’ll pour us some wine.”
“I’ll help …”
“Will you sit down?! It’s Mother’s Day!”, he smiles going into the kitchen.
She sits down and thinks how she will tell him next week. She will enjoy their last Mother’s Day together. She’ll tell him that he’s just as good as any of them in the bar he works and should work towards promotion. She’ll tell him that Rachel Hennessy appears interested in him too and that he should be vulnerable and go for it. She’ll tell him that he should really think about moving somewhere else away from that mad cow next door. She doesn’t like the idea of him living on his own beside her. She’ll tell him that he is the best son she could have wished for. Been blessed with. But not now.
Instead she forces a smile as he arrives back in with their glasses of white wine. He hands her one and they hit glasses and say “Cheers”.
“Happy Mother’s Day Mum. Love you.”, he smiles giving her a kiss on the cheek.
“Love you too Davie.”, she smiles back.

2 comments on “Short Story: Final Mother’s Day

  1. Hi liked your story! I love reading shorts. Keep it up. I am a fan of yours and author from Romance Magazine.
    🙂 Lisa Marie Lopez

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