Short Story: Changing Roles

Yesterday was a very big day. It was International Women’s Day. And in celebration of the day I have wrote a short story called Changing Roles. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Sophia stood by the kitchen sink wondering how it had got to this stage. To the stage where she was this house wife while her husband was out at work. It had all just happened so quickly. One day, she was a young twenty-four year old with dreams galore in her brain. Now she just silently cried ghostly tears for her previous life which now seemed to have died. When she had first met Mick he had seemed different. He seemed to encourage her dreams. But then they married and it was from there that he seemed to expect her to fall into her apparent woman’s role in the relationship. In his case it was The Bible she blamed. Although she was a Catholic herself she never really took it quite as much to heart as he had. Or at least he didn’t seem to before they had married. Sometimes she wondered if he used the pieces about a woman been submissive in The Bible to his advantage. She wondered if he even felt as strongly about those passages as he let on. What maddened her was that she was a strong feminist. She had never really believed in all that shit about womens’ and mens’ roles in or out of a relationship. And yet what maddened her even more was the fact that she had allowed him to put her into this role. There was nothing wrong with been a house wife. Her mother had been and she was one of the strongest women she knew. But it wasn’t what Sophia had wanted. She had always been career-orientated. Always the child who questioned why most fictional works had the male at war. Wondered why so many women accepted their “role” without question. Wondered if on the other side it was hard for many fathers, husbands and boyfriends to take on their “male role” when it might not have been what they wanted.
But she was sure it was what Mick wanted. He would be bored all the day in the house and he liked to proclaim he was “the man in the relationship.” She had often thought, dear they can see that without you going out of your way to somehow prove it. But that was just it. She was doing so much thinking lately. Overthinking. And not doing a lot to change her situation.
Because of her strong work ethic, she finished the dishes but her mind was now set. She needed to do something. It wasn’t like they had any kids. Neither of them needed to be cooped up in the house. And then the thought struck her. Was this a man she wanted to have kids with? Someone who would probably end up placing their kids in roles due to their gender. She was only married to him after all. They had no life-long attachments. It wasn’t too late to change her fate.
Tears of relief washed over her at this thought and she rushed to the bedroom where she packed her things into two cases as quickly as she could. She scribbled a quick note to Mick,


I can’t be the woman you want me to be. We’ll only end up making each other unhappy. I think you need to find the right woman for you and I’m not her. I’ll always love you. But I’m just not in love with you anymore.


With that, she picked up her cases and walked out. Yes, she knew he would come looking for her, try to convince her that things would change. But he had fooled her once. She wouldn’t let him again. Rushing into the nearby internet cafe, she could see the woman at the counter raise an eyebrow as she looked at the cases. However, she passed it over and told Sophia that computer two was free.
Sophia sat down and logged into her blog which she hadn’t posted on in over two years. Since her marriage to Mick. As the blank new post section loomed in front of her, a shudder of insecurity ran through her. It had been so long since she had written anything. She guided her fingers slowly over the keys and began to write a new story. The natural storyteller in her rapidly came back to her and soon she was typing away as crazily as she always had.
Upon completing the post, she began to search for magazines looking for contributions. She was back to the path she had left behind and it was the first time she had felt happy in so long.


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