Bobby Beale Revealed As Lucy Beale’s Killer In Eastenders!

Last night was the big reveal in Eastenders of Lucy Beale’s killer!

And it was 11-year-old Bobby Beale, Lucy’s brother. Viewers watched as he rang his stepmother, Jane Beale after he had killed Lucy and she arrived from two doors down where she was living at the time with Masood to find Lucy’s lifeless body on the floor and Bobby clutching the weapon of the music box.

“Whatever she says, she started it. She made everyone unhappy.”, Bobby told Jane.

The first of two episodes on their 30th anniversary ended with Jane Beale possibly been the killer when Ian Beale confronted her and told her to “tell me exactly what happened” that night causing many websites which rushed to reveal she was the killer but Culture Vulture waited, thank god. However in the flashback episode after, it showed that Jane had found her stepdaughter’s body and Bobby had killed her.

I thought it was a good ending and well-written but there is some loopholes that need to be ironed out like Emma saying to Max, “You knew.” How would he know? The text in the square could have been to the accomplice Jane so that bit kind of works. The park/phonecall situation was sorted tonight as it was Jane who went along to meet her so Emma must have originally thought it was Jane so I’m hopeful the other bits and pieces will be ironed out too. Also on the plus side though, kudos to the writers for going unpredictable and also how amazing were Eliot Carrington as Bobby and Laurie Brett as Jane Beale in the final live scene on Thursday and all the Beales tonight?! Amazing!


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