Placebo Gig Review!

I went to see Placebo recently with my sister. It was an amazing night out. It was our first time at The Olympia and it’s a lovely theatre and the toilet was right next to us throughout the show which was brilliant in case old nature called!

Support was by Scottish band The Mirror Trap and they did seven songs and then Placebo came on. The lighting was pretty astonishing. No expense spared. It was brilliant and looked absolutely amazing. Songs included in the set were The Bitter End, Meds and Special Needs which they haven’t sung live in a while. The encore consisted of four songs starting with Begin The End then we had their version of Running Up That Hill and Post Blue and ending with Infra Red. Brian Molko’s voice is incredible and he comes across really nice and he’s sexy as hell. I didn’t think he could be even better-looking in reality because he’s so insanely handsome on TV and stuff but he actually is! He was very nice to look at indeed! He has this incredibly sexy voice and he spoke about sex which was, well brilliant. šŸ™‚ He also spoke about the heritage of Dublin, noticing old fans and welcoming new fans. Stefan was brilliant on guitar and is very tall in reality. I knew he was tall but he was even taller in reality than I imagined he would be. Matt was amazing on the drums as well. He is a very passionate, powerful drummer. The instrumentals were amazing and they all seemed so nice. They came across really nice and Brian was very witty too. An amazing night and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Vids Found On YouTube

Special Needs

Special K

Loud Like Love

Begin The End

I seen my camera and a bit of me rocking in this one. Hehe! šŸ™‚ It isn’t hard to miss with it been a digital amongst mostly phones! Me and technology can be a little rusty at times!

The Bitter End


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