Christmas, Music & …

Just a short Christmas story I wrote here. Hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas to you and yours this festive season! 🙂

“Yeah, that note is sounding amazing!”, he said as she strummed a D chord that sounded more like an E chord.
So this was what love was like, she thought. He thinks I’m like Brian May when in reality I can’t play this thing! It was proper bulshitting at it’s height but it was kind of nice.
“I’d maybe just …”, he began coming around the back of her in a motion which felt quite nice and adjusting her fingers gently to the proper strings,
“Just might make a slight difference.”
Slight?!, she thought. It means I’ll play the note right you mean! Ever the gentleman, he was never going to say that though! Of course he was a great musician himself, didn’t give up as a teenager when his fingers started to hurt!
“Oh it’s just turned Christmas Eve. What better way to come into Christmas than with a guitar in your hands?”, he smiled.
Or with you wrapped around my body like this!, she thought but instead smiled her sweetest smile,
“Oh yeah babe. It’s nice to hold an instrument … a musical instrument.”
Shut-up Amber, shut-up!
He held in a giggle and removed the guitar from in front of her before beginning to track kisses, both gentle and rough, along her neck.
God, that felt nice.
“Our first Christmas living together.”, he said between kisses.
“Mmmm.”, was all she could manage under the feel of his kisses.
The power an incredibly sexy man can have over you!
“Just like a guitar, a live-in boyfriend isn’t just for Christmas but all-time.”
“I like the sound of that.”
“Do you want to make some real music?”
She laughed,
“I like the sound of that even better Glen.”
He picked her up with ease and began to carry her to the bedroom.

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