The Family Stone Movie Review!

I loved this film, The Family Stone (2005) but my main problem with it was that I found it hard to care about the protagonist Meredith’s (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) plight in the film and you need to be rooting for the main character wanting them to succeed. I didn’t love the character but I was rooting for her up to the point where she had her homophobic/racist moment at the dinner table. After that, I zoned out from supporting her which threw the concept of relating to a character out the window. How can one root for someone like that?

Otherwise I liked the movie. It was very realistic, funny (fantastic one-liners!) and endearing. It had that whole traditional family Christmas element but it didn’t over milk it to the extreme. It was a set of characters who seemed very real to real life with flaws and good qualities so the writing was superb in almost every aspect. It is brilliantly written by and also directed by Thomas Bezucha. The acting from the whole cast was incredible especially Diane Keaton and Craig Nelson as the parents of Meredith’s fiance Everett (played by Dermot Mulroney) and Tyrone Giordano as his brother Thad but the whole cast are amazing and unite brilliantly to give touching performances in this Christmas family drama/comedy. Well worth watching for the festive season if you haven’t seen it already. You won’t be disappointed.

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