Poem: Cookie

I miss the way you’d run,
A bundle of energy and fun.
A heart which in love weighed a ton.
Energy abounding,
The joy you brought us all confounding.
Our little dog
Who in his old age slept like a log
And in your early years leaped around like a frog.

You’d come to comfort me when I was sad,
There when times were good and bad.
So many memories:
You stealing my sister’s Moro bar,
Using the clothes basket to get out the kitchen window,
Older moments walking into things.
So cute
With kindness from root to root.

We miss the love you brought to us all,
Catching your stick or ball.
With you it was all rise and no fall.
You would always stand tall.
My little baby,
One day in heaven it again shall be,
Honey you’ll see,
You and me.


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