Life After The Jungle: I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here: The Coming Out Show!

And so now here is my final I’m A Celeb blog of the season guys and gals! 🙂 The traditional coming out show where we see all the campmates leave the jungle and see all their families and friends again. Tissues at the ready! Here is my five highlights from the show!:

Tinchy’s Exit

I love Tinchy! And I was looking forward to seeing Man Like Tinchy’s exit from the jungle. It was brilliant seeing him meet up with his mate Michael Bell and them stopping off for a KFC on their way to the hotel where he met up again with Michael. Fabulous campmate! Love him!

Jimmy massages Edwina and Comes Up Behind Michaela on This Morning

Jimmy wasn’t my favourite campmate this year but these two moments were priceless TV. They were very funny. And Edwina’s first masseur. Swoon! 🙂

Foggy With His Family

Seeing Foggy with his family was very emotional. It reminded me of me with my mum, sister and my late dad. They seem a lovely family.

Michael’s Exit

It was really sweet seeing Michael with his wife Chris. They seem such a lovely couple.

The Party

The party looked fun and there was no rows at it like last year’s. And Foggy’s speech was fab!


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