My Favourite Highlights From I’m A Celebrity 2014!

So king Foggy has been crowned and the veil comes down on another successful and enjoyable season of I’m A Celebrity! Below I have compiled my top five highlights from this year’s show! Enjoy! 🙂

Michael Raps!

Oh I loved the friendship between Michael and Tinchy! Tinchy was my favourite campmate this year. He reminded me a bit of myself and his friendship with Michael was so sweet. Michael’s rap was such a highlight from this year!

Foggy’s Boulder Dash Trial!

This was a great trial by the king on his way to victory! And everything remained in tact, if you get what I mean, during it! 🙂

Tinchy’s The Catacombs Of Doom Trial

The trial he had to fight Jake for! Brilliant, 6 out of 7 stars! Just that damn water!

The Phone Calls From Home!

This was great! I still can’t believe Tinchy didn’t know his girlfriend’s voice! Priceless!

Foggy Wins!

We couldn’t really end on any other highlight, could we?! Deserving winner Foggy’s reaction was brilliant as he fell to his knees. Well done Foggy! 🙂

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