TheMisanthropists TM Album Review!

I was recently sent a link to check out an album by an amazing new Garage Rock band from London, Islington called TheMisanthropists. I love hearing new music and was curious so I listened to 30 minute 52 second album and was so impressed by the rawness and talent that was displayed on the album that I decided to write a review of the album so here is my track-by-track review of a band which I suspect we will hear big things from in the future:

What’s Out There

The instrumentals on this record are so haunting and beautiful. Otherworldly and a comtemporary version of the 1960s and 1970s rock sound. There is also an incredible solo guitar riff which is amazing and which I really like.

Tell Me

Tell Me is the first song in which we get to hear the raw, edgy and original vocals of their vocalist Louie Boffa combining with Marc Aster on Guitar / Vocals and Omar Lacchinni on Drums / Bass. The three are so in sync with each other and it is an amazing introduction into their combined talents in force.

Human Life

Human Life has an incredible rock/blues intro and it flows well to blend into the vocals of and the lyrics are very well put together and easy to relate to.

Twilight Zone

This song has a few key changes which are dealt with superbly. It has a very Psychedelic, fun feel to the instrumentals and once again is stunningly presented.

I Want You

Again the Psychedelic 1960s’ sound is very present on I Want You which is one of my favourite songs on the album. There is a lot of amazing and varying instrumentals on this song which sound great together.

Runaway With Me

This is a stunning song which has a lot of progressions which seamlessly go together and has a very memorable hook in “Buy Your House In The Country”. I was certainly humming that long after I’d listened to the album!


This intro to this song is amazing with the vocals and the instrumentals followed by a quite cool, short and effortless rock instrumental before the stunning vocals of Boffa kick in sounding even more original then ever. Another favourite song of mine from the album. With lyrics like, “You can pray to your God. Let me tell you baby I’m gonna drag you to hell”, what’s not to love. It reminded me a lot of The Doors.

You’ve Got Potential

Lyrically this song and g.O.D and Let’s Get Started, the next song are some of the better songs on the album but the instrumentals blend very well with the lyrics and vocals.

Let’s Get Stoned

This song obviously about Drug Use from the title is the most Psychedelic song on the album. It has a very hippy feel to it and been a hippy (minus the drugs!) it is obviously another favourite of mine from the album. The instrumentals are stunning and very relaxed until it hits a faster sound which works well with the calmer early sound of the song. And again it reminds me of the Doors.

To hear the album yourself and form your own opinion go to:


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