Laura Jane Grace Interviewed By Kerrang! Magazine!

I found it very interesting reading the interview with Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace in Kerrang! Magazine two weeks ago. She came across really likable, down-to-earth and honest. In recent times Laura’s life has began a new chapter. The singer/musician formerly known as Tom Gabel is continuing at the moment towards the gender realignment that she began more than two and a half years ago after publicly saying she was transgender in May 2012.

Speaking about how her life has changed since then she said,

“Put it this way, when we started out making this album (the band’s sixth album Transgender Dysphoria Blues), I had a house, a car, a wife and a daughter. I’m still a parent. I still have my daughter when I’m not on tour, and she comes on tour sometimes, but everything else is gone. This is all I really have. My only true friends and family apart from that is my band. I guess that’s why I’m so happy now. Going and sitting in my empty apartment in Chicago where my stuff lives these days makes me want to fucking kill myself. I have to just focus on the positive things.”

Speaking about been on tour she said,

“I love that if someone says something to me I dislike, or tries to fuck with me, that tomorrow morning I’ll be 300 miles away from where they are in a place where they can’t get to me. And the other side of that is that you get to meet lots of incredibly interesting new people when you’re out on the road, especially being in the position that I’m in.”

Over the last year Laura has sought advice from and gave advice to trans, genderqueer and nonbinary folk and said,

“I was, and still am, in a place where I’m trying to figure out what I’m about. So, to hear other people talk about their issues and be able to relate to those problems makes me feel like I’m not alone. It’s a mutual thing, though, and I want to make sure I’m accessible to people if they want to talk to me. A big part of what this band has always been about is being available to those who want to talk.”

AOL has commissioned her to be in a documentary series called True Trans and Laura said of the series,

“It’s been awesome to get to interview some truly inspiring people through it. I’ve forged fantastic relationships and lots of those people have helped me put a perspective onto things and helped me understand my own situation.”

Speaking about the changing attitudes towards transgender people she said,

“I do think, I hope, that perspectives are changing. When you’ve got people like Laverne Cox on the front of Time magazine and Kellie Maloney in the news, you can slowly see the way trans people are discussed in the mainstream beginning to change. Eventually there will come a point where people won’t even have to talk about it at all.”

Does she see herself as a role model for trans people?

“I know I have a platform. I mean, I literally stand on a stage every night! All I want to do is try my best and try and present myself in an honest way. But as far as being a role model goes, I’m not sure there aren’t better people than me. I mean, I’ve been drunk on tour for eight months. I’m trying to quit cigarettes and I can’t even do that!”

Quit cigarettes? You and me both Laura! 🙂

Speaking about the band’s new album entitled Transgender Dysphoria Blues she said,

“Transgender Dysphoria Blues was mostly written from the perspective of someone building up to the moment of coming out. But you move through that; you can’t help it. A lot of that feeling comes from having gone through your worst fears and now seeing, “What’s the worst that can happen?” I might die, but everyone’s going to die. Sure, there are going to be things that might be unflattering about my appearance or whatever, but that’s all part of changing. I have to shut down from caring a bit.”

She also spoke about not finding acceptance from her dad saying,

“My dad emailed me when I came out, but that was the last time I spoke to him. The message he sent me was super cryptic, and after I read it I was like, “Fuck you, I’m not going to attempt to figure out what you’re trying to say.” I know that I shouldn’t have to apologise for any of this.”

She spoke about not regretting taking the path she has took,

“I was going to fucking lose anyway; it was unsustainable. I clearly remember one morning sitting in my house with my wife and daughter and being like, “We’re not happy. No-one is happy. This just sucks.” I was there thinking, “If all this isn’t enough and I’m sad, then what is the real reason for that. Sometimes that’s just what you need to grow. Sometimes life just changes really quickly, and that’s for the better, even though it might not seem it at the time. I’d have inevitably fucked all that stuff in the end. It wasn’t who I really was.”


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