Belated Happy Birthday Josef Al-Smadi!

Anyone who reads this blog will know that Diva Fever are one of my guilty pleasures! Although that wouldn’t be completely true because I’m proud to be a Diva Fever fan. There is a lot of good singers on this year’s X Factor but we are kind of missing the fun, entertainment element to proceedings which Diva Fever brought in bucket loads to the 2010 incarnation of the show.

Anyway I shall stop yabbering. It was Joe from the duo’s 30th birthday on October 18th and he posted the following tweets on the band’s Twitter feed (which I love especially around the time of the Eurovision each year. :-)):

Just got the best birthday present ever. An @AlyssaEdwards_1 print for my wall 🙂 can’t wait to hang it up 🙂 @RuPaul

The best birthday present would be @AlyssaEdwards_1 actually tweeting me a happy birthday… *hint hint Alyssa… Don’t make me beg gurl* ;p

Happy Birthday Joe! 🙂

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