My Boyfriend Is A Vampire Part 2!

Getting you all in the mood for Halloween here is the second part of my story My Boyfriend Is A Vampire. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

I sat looking moody in the kitchen when my father came in.
“What’s up?”, he asked knowingly.
“Nothing.”, I lie.
“Boy trouble?”, he asks again knowingly.
Why does a father always just know you so well?
I sigh.
“Sometimes I think Trenton is just so far away yet so near.”
“In what way?”
I can’t say it’s because he’s a vampire!
“Because … well because we’re so different. He’s the captain of the football team, hottest guy in school. I’m just the nerd.”
“Nerds take over the world. Remember that?”, he smiles,
“I’m sure he doesn’t see it that way.”, he added.
“But how are you sure?”
“Just the way he is with you.”
“He hasn’t told me he loves me yet.”
“It’s not all about words son. He’s very protective of you. He loves you. Believe your father on this one. I’m too long on this planet at this stage. I’ve picked up a bit of knowledge where matters of the heart are concerned Cully.”
“Did you and mum have difficulties like this in the beginning?”
“Well worse. She was dating the hot football team captain. And I was the nerd.”
“Oh … and what did you do about it?”
“Punched him. Got expelled. Thankfully was took by a new school. She came to see me. Told me she always wanted me but never knew how I felt. But it was complicated after.”
He is staring into space.
“That’s for another day.”
I want to persist but I don’t. After all I have my own secrets.
“Anyway you’re fifteen. You shouldn’t be here been all down.”
“I’m going to go see him.”
“Not sure right now that’s what’ll cheer you up but I’ll see you when you get back.”
“See you soon dad.”, I smile and leave.

Their house is normal outside. The perfect normal American home. Right down to the post box. Inside however their home is a gothic haven. It’s almost eerie in a good way. It’s Halloween every day in this house. His mother lets me in where I find him lounging on the sofa. He smiles to me warmly and I sit beside him. He hooks his arm around me gently.
“Hey Cully babe …”
“You love me, don’t you?”
“Love? Love’s big.”
“Yeah and …”
“We shouldn’t really fall in love in my line of duty.”
“So that’s what it is? You do but you’re scared I’ll get hurt?”
“This can’t last Cully though so there’s no point in me getting that close.”
“Can’t last?!”
“My mum fell in love. He was human and he was almost killed by a vampire. I vowed never to let that happen.”
“Oh Trenton, let me make that decision. Let me decide about my own life.”
“I can’t let you.”
“Well I am making it anyway.”
“No. Listen, I’d break up with you quicker.”
“What? No, don’t do that. Please don’t do that.”
“Well what choice are you leaving me with?”
“I never knew your dad was human.”
“He isn’t.”
“What? But you said …”
“Before my dad.”
“Oh. But I can’t live without you. I’d rather die without you.”
“You only feel that way. You have your whole life in front of you. You will fall in love for real …”
“I have.”
“Stop Cully please. You need to just stop this right now. I can’t let you do that.”
“I’m sorry but I’m in too deep now.”
“Don’t say that. That’s exactly what I wanted to avoid.”
We stay quiet but soon our quiet is replaced by the glass from the window breaking. Suddenly I feel teeth on my neck and Trenton shouting frantically and pulling him roughly off.
“Gabe, stop! He’s my boyfriend. He’s out of bounds!”
“I’m sorry Trenton. I’m just so thirsty.”
“This is my cousin Cully.”
His cousin holds out his hand for me to shake. I stay frozen with my eyes wide with fear.
“I won’t hurt one of our own.”, Gabe said.
I tentatively shook hands with him.
“I was just telling him about the man my mum loved before dad …”
“We have struggles with them.”
“Because they see themselves as pure vampires unlike us. You see our family became vampires when my great great grandfather gave up his human existence for the love of my great great grandmother.”
“Oh so you weren’t a real vampire?”
“Well I always was. Gabe always was. But generations ago our family was human.”
“Oh.”, I say again.
I am so naive to everything to do with their world.
“You see if they knew I was connected to you then you would be in danger too. Do you understand now why I can’t afford to fall in love with you?”
“I love you though and that means that for better or worse I’ll take everything on that’s part of your world. Do you understand that?”
“This situation isn’t as black and white as that.”
“To me it is.”
He says nothing more. I didn’t know it at the time but it was the last time I was going to see him for years. The next time I went over to see him the family was gone.

More soon! Have a great Halloween everyone! 🙂

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