Poem: Rest In Peace Darlings (A Tribute Poem To The Dogs Who Died In Manchester Dogs’ Home. May They Rest In Peace.)

The sickening feeling in your stomach,
Thinking of all those defenseless creatures,
Trapped in those flames
Because of someone’s sick games.
Common decency they lack
And the pain would almost cause tears in pours.
Causing fear for the beautiful creatures of the earth,
Evil having a rebirth.

I think of how scared they must have been,
Nightmares coming through their previous dream,
Been looked after one day
And the next what can one say?
Becoming lifeless before their time was to be,
The fear they must have felt in that moment,
The smoke and fire they see,
Not knowing what was happening before they went.

May each of them rest in peace for eternity,
They didn’t deserve what happened; it was so cruel truly,
This shouldn’t have been meant to be,
Those little darlings with their lives to live,
So much more to the world to give.
Their gentle natures,
Hitting us all to our cores,
Rest in peace darlings from me.

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