Poem: A Cold And Gloomy Day In October

It was like a mist was surrounding me,
A cloud of darkness around,
This was not how it was meant to be,
The sight of your coffin makes my grief compound.
You were too young to leave,
We were too young to have to grieve
The loss of one so dear
And life without you is our fear.

So full of life before
But now our hearts are in pain to the core.
The day feels so surreal,
This hurt is going to take a lot to heal.
You were the life and the soul
And now in our family is a gigantic hole.
You were always there to impart your wisdom and show your love
But now you are in heaven above.

Father, I hope you are proud wherever you are
To not let you down in any choice,
Whether you are near or far
I will be guided by your loving voice.
You always had my best interests at heart,
And now even though we are apart
I will always remember our times at number ten
Until we meet one day again.

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