Poem: Just By Been You

I lean over cautiously
And run my fingers through your
Messy, tousled hair.
There is such realness in your eyes,
A genuine aura that flows from your fingertips,
Leaves me breathless,
Leaves me longing.

I can’t believe you are real,
This earth doesn’t have rare angels like you,
You make me believe in humankind
Every time I look in your eyes.
You are perfection.

You make me feel like I’m not alone,
In this world of commercialism,
Of falseness and dog-eat-dog,
I wish I was more like you
And I am so happy you exist.
You make the world better
Just by been you.

3 comments on “Poem: Just By Been You

  1. J. C. Conway says:

    This is very nice. I reblogged on Flash of Romance. Thank you!

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