Poem: The Joy of Life

Standing there like a complete rock god,
All stunning with a sensual curve of your mouth,
I’m drifting into this feeling of been overcame,
Overcame by the beauty of existence.
There is something so commanding,
Something so wondrous about how gentle you are
And how commanding you can be.
Oh this is what joy in life is.

I wish you would run your fingers through my hair
Or I could run mine through yours.
Through each strand,
Soft strands
Like the rays of the sun.
I wish I could hold you,
Feel your frame in my arms.
Oh that would be what joy in life would be.

Your skin is driving me wild,
Bare skin,
I long to touch you,
You commanding specimen,
Command me.
I will obey.
I’m in no position to go against anything you say.
Not right now, not ever.

Oh you are the joy of life.

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