Spotlight On … Klara McDonnell!

I recently interviewed the very talented Klara McDonnell. Here is the interview below:

Who are your acting and musical influences and why?

I look up to Tom Waits as he is also an actor and musician. I think he has an amazing stage presence and has been brave musically throughout his career. Seeing Judy Garland in “The Wizard of Oz” for the first time when I was 7 was also a massive influence on me!

In your acting career who was your favourite character to play and why?

I was in a Fringe production a few years ago (“Love Songs for Losers”) where I played a character called Robin. She was a bit of a pretentious hipster artist type. She was waiting all her life to become famous and was quite arrogant but I grew to love to her. There was a brilliant writer behind her, Ruth MacGowan. I usually like characters that are dark and multi-faceted.

Who inspires your fashion sense?

Growing up, probably Gwen Stefani and I still love my red lipstick! I like zaney festival fashion and I am quite addicted to face jewels at the moment. I get confused some times about what is street wear and what is stage wear but life is too short to over think that! My mother travels a bit and picks me up different little things from around the world.

You are a graduate of Ballyfermot Rock School in Dublin. What skills did you pick up while studying there?

I would probably say songwriting skills. I have been writing songs since I was 15 but only started to co-write once I went to college.

You’re currently studying at Artstrain. Tell us about that?

I’m currently studying drama facilitation. It was both a challenging and rewarding course over the last year. I covered aspects of drama facilitation such as; improvisation, process drama, devising and directing. I’m really excited about putting all my new skills to use when the course finishes.

You were the lead singer of Rock band Hypno Puppet for three years. What was that like?

I still meet up and co- write with Sean Cray, the guitarist but I had to take a step back from being in band while studying. We did a gig last week as a duo with a loop pedal and it was fun. I miss being in a full band as I love to rock out and go crazy on stage. I think our music is very different to anything that’s on the scene in Dublin at the moment.

You have appeared on shows such as Echo Island over the years. Is there any memory which sticks out for you from your appearances on TV?

Probably Fair City. I only did a week on it a few years back and it was a bit of a shock to the system. I had been used to being on independent film sets, where you can have many takes and more artistic freedom. I enjoyed doing the show but it all felt very fast.

What’s next for you in your career?

I’m on television next month in an RTE 2 documentary. I will be discussing my attitude to nudity and some past projects I worked on. I’ll be in the next issue of Stellar magazine in their “naked issue”. Sean and I plan to record and release our own album next year. In regards to acting, I never know what is coming up and where I’ll be. That is the scary and exciting thing!

If you would like to find out more about Klara McDonnell go to:



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