Poem: Alive

My baby had an adventurous way,
It infected me each day.
He made me fully alive like never before
Hitting my heart to the core.
A sweet melody to his words,
I linger on them endlessly,
I would hang on each thing he would say
No matter how mundane they would be.

He reminded me of my father in manner,
In his gentle, kindness and his way of been fair.
In his non-judgmental streak
Making me feel weak
To his genuine charms,
Oh I wish he would take me in his arms.
Keep me from all the world’s arm
In the safety of his loving, strong arms.

I can’t believe that such a wonderful specimen exists,
Strength and gentleness in your wrists,
Strength to help,
Gentleness to care,
He was once my world; my universe.
Drifting me through the wonders of love,
Learning me what love is
And making me feel joyous and full of fizz.


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