Poem: R.I.P. Dad

The day still lingers in my mind,
the day that someone left us who was gentle and kind,
Flashes of these painful memories evaporate in my brain
Of the day when I knew things would never be the same.
My sister running for a doctor,
My mother screaming,
Our family chain about to be tore,
From now on we’d all have a broken wing.
Love is a powerful thing.

Our neighbor trying to help the best she could do,
Everything seeming surreal but true,
Leaving our little tight-knit crew,
Very quickly you were drifting away,
And nothing anyone could do or say
Would change the sad fact that this was to be your last day.
The doctor arrives and says you are gone.
Now the world just feels so cruel and wrong.
You can’t be gone; you have been with us so long.

I walk into my parents’ room in pain and shock,
Your aroma fills my nostrils instantly,
You were my rock.
I place your cardigan up to my nose
And breathe the musky, heaviness of your scent in.
Losing family,
Losing kin.
Losing my dad,
The best dad anyone could have ever had.


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