The Best Diva Fever YouTube Vids Part 3!

Welcome everyone to my final part of the best YouTube Diva Fever vids! Hope you all enjoy! :-):

Video 1: Josef Does The Ice Bucket Challenge!

Here is Josef doing the Ice Bucket challenge. Good on him! Having done it recently myself it is colder than one might expect!:

Video 2: Joe’s Version Of Believe

This is Joe’s piano version of Cher’s Believe. Stunning. :-):

Video 3: Joe’s version of Bad Romance

This is Joe’s hauntingly beautiful piano version of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. 🙂

Video 4: X Factor Video Diary Week 2

Ah memories from when they were on the show. 🙂

Video 5: The Cooking Challenge X Factor

More memories from The X Factor. 🙂

Video 6: Xtra Factor Final Interview With Storm Lee

Video 7: Tree Lighting 2010

Interviewed by Rick Vaughn at Tree Lighting 2010:

Video 8: At Powerhouse in Newcastle

Performing I Will Survive and Barbara Striesand in Newcastle:

Video 9: At Pulse in Cardiff

Performing at Pulse nightclub in Cardiff:

Video 10: ColeTalksWith Interview

Been interviewed by ColeTalksWith backstage at at Vanfest 2011:

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