Kiki deVille’s Amazing Style!

The Voice UK 2014 star Kiki deVille wowed us all on last year’s BBC show with her powerful voice and amazing style! Full of vibrancy and colour deVille’s style is unique, eccentric and absolutely fabulous. Below I have compiled some of her best style in terms of clothing, hair and make-up:

Fashion Sense

Kiki’s style is very vintage-inspired. There is so many amazing looks which look inspired by many legendary movie starlets from various different decades. It is always wonderful seeing people individual enough to take inspiration from vintage styles because it was some of the best and most stylish fashion in history and Kiki, like all the movie starlets before, looks brimming with confidence and elegance as she dons colours as diverse as black, red, green and gold proving that she can rock any colour. She also accessorises her outfits perfectly.



DeVille’s make-up is amazing. Her red lipstick is a huge emphasis of her make-up look as well as her perfect smoky eye looks. It is also amazing how she matches her red lippy to her red nail varnish. It’s all very timeless and classic.


In terms of hair some of her styles remind me a bit of Bette Davis or Joan Crawford. She is most known for her jet black hair but she also looks well with blonde and even both together at one stage. Whether she is wearing her hair up or down she looks absolutely amazing.


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