Spotlight On … Sian Doughty!

Recently I interviewed the very talented Sian Doughty. Here is the interview below:

What is it like doing the open mic circuit as a stand up comedian?

It’s a lot of fun. I love making people laugh, and the other comedians I meet are mostly really nice, and supportive. Even the bad gigs are a worthwhile experience.

Who is your biggest comedy influences?

I don’t have any comedy influences, in that I don’t consciously emulate anyone. In the past I have enjoyed Victoria Wood and French and Saunders. I also like Steve Coogan, Frank Skinner and Rob Brydon. I especially like the darker sort of comedy written and performed by Chris Morris and Julia Davis (Nighty Night) and the discomfort of both the British and American Office.

What made you realise that comedy was the profession that you wanted to pursue?

I have always enjoyed watching stand up and often thought about doing it myself. Last year I saw an advert for a comedy course and decided to do it. I was (and still am) going through a divorce. I was tired of internet dating and needed to get out of the house.

Do you write your own material? Where do you get your material from?

I write all my own material. I get it from my own experiences. My set is a mixture of fact and fiction and I like it that most people can’t tell which is which.

You took part in the Funny Women Awards this year. What was that experience like?

I loved the Funny Women first heat night. The audience were really appreciative and the organisers made it a great evening for us all. Although I didn’t get through, I was sent a video which I have been using to get gigs.

Tell us about your work as a model?

I have been modelling on and off for about five years but recently the stand up has taken priority. I was in a number of women’s magazines and a couple of advertisements. I’d like to do more modelling in the future, when I’m more settled, and join an agency.

You work as a film extra and have appeared as a background artiste in many films, TV programmes and advertisements. Is there any that stick out in your mind as been something you were particularly proud of been a part of?

I was an extra in Skyfall which in itself wasn’t that thrilling but of course it’s a film everyone has seen (except me) and apparently I can be spotted in the tube scene. I did get excited when I saw The Look of Love in the cinema and there was a close up of me on screen at the same time as Steve Coogan.

What’s next for you in your career?

I am going to Edinburgh at the end of next week to take part in a number of comedy compilation shows at the Fringe. It promises to be a great experience. I would like to think that over the next year I will have written enough material to do a show of my own, possibly with another middle aged lady I have met on the scene. Meanwhile I will continue doing the open mic circuit, hopefully getting better at comedy.

You can see Sian Doughty’s set from Funny Women below:



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