The Garth Brooks Saga!

I feel terrible for the residents living in the Croke Park area with this whole Garth Brooks saga. There clearly wasn’t permission for five concerts and tickets were sold for two concerts that there wasn’t permission for. This is a rights issue. The rights of the little people like myself. A small group of people up against some government pressure, businesses looking for the money which will come if the event is staged and Garth Brooks and the promotion staff hoping that the laws which are there will be overridden for him to play the five shows.

Yes there is a big windfall coming into the country if the concerts go ahead but I don’t really care. I don’t believe in selling out on the people like myself simply because I don’t live in the area for any windfall.

Of course I feel sorry for the people who were looking forward to the night out but I don’t believe in walking over peoples’ rights. If these concerts are all granted where will it end? Will big stars get ten nights in a row next?

I do feel that our reputation has been tarnished a bit in the concert realm. But it isn’t the residents I blame for that. The rules were clearly in place before the tickets were sold and them two shows should never have been sold. Hopes of many Garth Brooks fans should not have been raised when the planning permission wasn’t there for the two shows.


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