Vet Accidentally Puts Down Jack Russell Gunner. R.I.P. Gunner.

I recently read about a sweet little Jack Russell named Gunner who was so adorable and was an older dog of 14. I was heartbroken about his untimely death when the vet accidentally put him down when he was only in with a cough in the DJB Denny practice, in  Worcester

The vet said:

‘Mistakes do happen.’

A bit laid-back considering it was a living and breathing dog’s life.

Gunner’s owner animal welfare worker Nicholas Murphy, 22, brought Gunner, to the vet after his cough didn’t go away and staff at the practice told him that they would give Gunner an injection, which he thought was a dose of antibiotics. But realisation occurred when the vet asked Murphy and his brother if they wanted to bury Gunner at home or there at the surgery.

Murphy questioned the vet and that is when the vet replied with “Mistakes do happen” leaving Murphy and the rest of his family “shellshocked” and “confused”.

Murphy lives in Worcester with his mother Karen Wood, 48, sister Hannah, 17, and brother Paul, 14.

He said,

“He asked us if Gunner had had enough, I just thought he meant of the cough, then he gave him an injection.He never asked us anything about the injection, he just put the needle in Gunner. There was no consent form, and no permission. He admitted he was wrong to me and said he was very sorry.”

Murphy has since lodged a complaint against the vet and Gunner has been buried in the family’s back garden.

Murphy said,

“I never got a chance to say goodbye to Gunner. We had to bring him home and bury him, the whole time we were just in shock, I was numb.”

Vet David Denny yesterday explained how the tragedy had happened. “

“I was told by my receptionist they wanted the dog put down. It was a mistake, an accident, a breakdown of trust. It was a very old dog, but the whole thing was a genuine mistake and I have apologised.”

While Ian Holloway, a spokesman for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, said it could not  comment on individual cases. He also said that it would investigate all complaints received.

I’m sure the vet, the receptionist and all concerned feel terrible about what has happened and I wish them the best in getting rid of the guilt.

But most of all I feel terrible for the family and Bobby, Gunner’s dad Bobby who the family also own who must be lost without him, in losing Gunner. I know that it is so difficult losing a pet and especially when you have them a long time. To be honest they aren’t even just like a pet. They become like family to you and your best friend all rolled into one. I lost my own dog who was 12 but at least he died naturally. This is so heartbreaking. I understand the grief but to lose the little baby like that must have been so cruel.

Murphy said,

“It’s been bad since he has not been here because we usually see him running around and coming into the bed. It just seems quiet now. We have him since he was born and we still have his dad. Gunner didn’t deserve to be treated like that. All he needed was some stronger tablets for his old man’s cough.”

Rest in peace Gunner.

2 comments on “Vet Accidentally Puts Down Jack Russell Gunner. R.I.P. Gunner.

  1. Jean Hickton says:

    This vet should have been shut down years ago. In 1982 I took a Bearded Collie to be spayed .When I went collect her, she was lying on wet newspapers on concrete. A few days later she had stitch absesses and a couple of years later she had surgery to remove blue plastic internal stitches that her body was rejecting..

    Seven years ago my Pomerainian broke a front leg. Denny has no exray machines and all he did was strap it up. The foot swelled to enormous proportions and I took her to another vet who repaired and plated it and in the course of the surgery the bone had to be broken, it was healing in the wrong position and my wee dog would never have walked properly again.

    I would never, ever go near Denny again I wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole. I hope the RCVS strike him off.

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