Spotlight On … Edwina Van Kuyk!

I recently interviewed the amazingly talented Edwina Van Kuyk. Here is the interview below:

What made you realise that music was the profession that you wanted to pursue?

Music was always something I wanted to do. I’ve wanted to be a performer since I was really young but it always seemed more of a dream than anything. I looked up to people like Britney Spears and the Spice Girls thinking I could be a superstar. When I got older I thought I’d never be able to achieve such a thing but I came to a realisation recently, that making music my profession does not mean I have to be a worldwide famous star. I could just do what I loved, and make it part of what I do every day.

Do you enjoy studying at BIMM?

I really enjoy studying at BIMM. It’s such an amazing platform for aspiring performers/composers and I’d definitely recommend it to anybody seriously considering music in the future.

Who are your musical influences?

Most of my musical influences are male. I grew up listening to a lot of what my older sister listened to and that included Jack Johnson, James Morrison and Gavin Degraw. Now, one of my biggest influences is Ed Sheeran. I love his music and his unique style so I take a lot of influence from him in my own musical style,

What influences your songs?

My songs are influenced from personal experience. I tend to write when I’m feeling something needs to be said or talked about or I’m going through something in my life. My songs are usually centralised around the ups and downs of relationships but I have written about other subject matter. I just tend to be most comfortable writing about the relationships in my life.

Is there any songwriters whose work you draw inspiration from?

To be honest, I subconsciously draw inspiration from most musicians I listen to. I’ll find something I like in a song and it will stick with me so much that it transfers over to my own compositions. It’s only when I really analyse what I’ve written, that I realise I’ve taken inspiration. I think that’s the case with a lot of songwriters. It’s kind of like helping each other out in a way and someone taking inspiration from you is one of the biggest compliments you can get, in my opinion.

What is the best thing about been a singer/songwriter?

The best thing about being a singer/songwriter is that it’s almost a therapy. When you have all these feelings building up, it’s nice to get them down on paper. Then each time you sing them it’s like closure. I think it really helps you deal with things in a way most people wouldn’t. It’s therapy really, just a lot cheaper. 🙂

When did you start playing guitar?

I’ve played guitar since I was about 8. I took lessons and then I just stopped and it’s one of my biggest regrets because I just got comfortable with playing certain chord progressions and not really progressing. I tend to use the guitar more as a utensil to write my song and then once it’s written I can focus more on the arrangement. I’ve made a promise to myself though, to make myself improve. I think it would really improve my melody writing and the complexity of my songs. It’s just a case of practice, practice, practice.

What’s next for you in your career?

Honestly, I just want to keep doing what I’m doing now and do more of it. I’d like to work with other musicians/producers/composers on my material and just get my music to the best place it can be. Hopefully an EP is on the horizon. Other than that, just world domination. 🙂

To listen to Edwina Van Kuyk’s music go to:





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