The World Cup 2014!


The World Cup 2014 is upon us once again so lads and lasses I have combined my guide to who I think will progress from the group stages and my predictions for the winners of the tournament, the top goal scorer and the Golden Boot winner. Taken place in Brazil for two weeks from Thursday it is one of my highlights of the year so prepare to be enthralled, freaking out if you have a bet and it bloody goes to penalties and enjoying with a few tins! Not every night of it of course!


Group A











While I don’t buy into the whole ideology that Brazil are going to win the World Cup this year on home turf I do think they will walk their group. Croatia will put up a fight for the second spot but I think Mexico will claim the all-important second place in the group.



Group B











It will be a tough one between Spain and the Netherlands for the top spot but I think Spain will top the group. They are the perfect team really with so much flair and great defence. I think the Netherlands will claim the second spot in this year’s Group of Death.



Group C






Cote d’Ivoire





I think Greece will top this group with Japan coming second. This will be a group which I predict will have very little goals in it.


Group D




Costa Rica






I think Italy will top this group. I know a lot of people are thinking Uruguay but I think it will be Italy who top the group with Uruguay second.



Group E











I think France will walk this group. I’d decide on Ecuador for the second spot.



Group F




Bosnia & Herzegovina







Argentina have got a pretty easy group and I think they’ll walk it beating all the teams along the way. I’d go for Iran for the second spot in a very weak group.



Group G









I have a feeling Portugal may top this group with Germany in second though it is a dodgy group in that sense. It could just as easily go the other way with Germany winning and Portugal coming second but I can’t see it been any other qualifiers from those two.


Group H








Korean Republic



Belgium look like they will top this group with Russia coming in second. I think the Korean Republic will put it up to Russia for the second spot but I think that Russia will just eclipse them for the coveted spot.



My prediction for the overall winners:


I know that Brazil, Argentina and Germany are been touted as winners but I think it will be Spain. Germany seem to always fall short around the semis or so and I think a lot of the hype surrounding Brazil and Argentina is more due to their history as opposed to how they have been performing in World Cups of recent years. I think it will be a world cup win again for current holders Spain with Portugal as runners-up.


My prediction for top goal scorer:


I know that Messi and Neymar are been thought of for this accolade but I think it could be Ronaldo’s year.


My prediction for the Golden Boot winner:


I think top goal scorer Cristiano Ronaldo will become this year’s Golden Boot winner too.

The first match will begin at 9pm on Thursday between Brazil and Croatia.

In the meantime here is the fabulous mascot Fuleco who was previously unveiled by former Brazilian international Ronaldo and FIFA:









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