The BGT Final 2014 Is Here Again!

The Britain’s Got Talent Final takes place tomorrow and during last week we seen numerous amazing acts getting through while talented John Clegg was announced in the week as this year’s wildcard.

I am now going to compile my top three for the final in the order that I like them.

Yanis Marshall, Arnaud and Mehdi  


When I see these lads dance they put me to shame! Even as a woman I can’t walk brilliantly in heels let alone dance in them and these guys make it look so easy! They are slick, professional and so in sync. They are amazing and they are entertainers as well. Obviously Yanis is really hot too. Never going to happen obviously. Not deluding myself. Don’t worry. But let’s be honest he is really hot.


How they made the final:


Second in Wednesday night’s semi-final to opera singer Lucy Kay after the French trio made it through when my favourite judge David Walliams and Alesha Dixon opted to vote for them while Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell opted to save fellow dance act Cartel. The vote then went back to the public vote and they got through because they had secured more votes than Cartel.


Here is the lads’ audition:


Here is the lads’ semi-final performance:

Bookies Odds: 150/1

The Addict Initiative

I love the whole way that they put on a theatre show with their dance act. They have that dark, Gothic element to their act which I love. There’s a few good-looking Gothic-looking men in the troupe who could bring me to the dark side any time! 🙂 There is a story to their act and I love musical theatre. There is two musical theatresque acts in the final – The Addict Initiative and musical theatre boyband Collabro – and while both acts are talented I do prefer the Addict Initiative. I find them more entertaining.


How they made the final:


The 26-piece dance act from Leicester made the final after coming second in Tuesday night’s semi-final to 15-year-old singer and guitarist James Smith. They were voted in by a majority verdict from the judges with David, Alesha and Simon voting for them while Amanda voted for the very talented Jodi Bird.


Here is their audition:


Here is their semi-final performance:

Bookies Odds: 40/1

Darcy Oake

26-year-old Magician Darcy Oake garnered over 20 million views on YouTube of his audition. I’m astounded where those birds come from. It is like they appear out of thin air or something. His whole act does be amazing but those birds appearing is just fabulous. Darcy is also quite hot.


How he made the final:


Darcy came second in the first semi-final on Monday night to Collabro after Alesha and Simon opted to save him while David and Amanda opted to save comedian John Clegg. It then went to the public vote where Darcy was ahead and thus went through to the final.


Here is his audition:


Here is his semi-final performance:

Bookies Odds: 14/1

Who would you like to see win this year’s final? And who would you like to see get the wildcard? Comment below with your thoughts!





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