The Amazing Style Of Alanis Morissette!


For as long as I can remember I have been a huge, huge Alanis Morissette fan! I always loved her music especially Ironic and Jagged Little Pill has to be one of the best albums ever made. I also always admired how she was one of the only females in the very male-dominated world of rock music and she succeeded so much in this world and deservedly so. Growing up and to this day she has been a huge inspiration musically, in her doing so incredibly in a world in which more men are successful and in her rock, casual style. In fact Alanis can be blamed by my mum for me continually dressing in a rock style with long hair mostly and the fact that I continue on singing. Though she’s supportive I know these elements annoy her! 🙂

Fashion Sense

Her style is mainly casual and there is primarily black, white and blue in her style’s colour palette but she does wear splashes of yellow, red and gold too. Her clothes are so rocky and her look just looks so effortless and relaxed which is a quality I love in looks. That easy-breezy look even if it did take a long time for a person to create. Alanis has also wore one quite fabulously eccentric fuzzy purple jacket. Another look which was really fab was her country/rock look with a brown jacket, blue jeans and a white top accessorised with a belt while she wore a hippy style dress that was amazing. Though Alanis would be more known for her casual rock look, she is also a queen of sophisticated style when needs be although there is usually a slightly rocky or Gothic take on the sophisticated look. I also love the checked blouse she wore at her “Love Soup” party.


Alanis has always had a very natural take on make-up. She doesn’t wear lots of it but her key area in terms of make-up always seems to be her eyes. The focus seems to be on getting that wonderful rock smoky effect which I love. It’s amazing. She mostly going for an understated lip gloss although she has sported red lipstick on occasion too. And I love how she matched her blue eyeliner to her outfit once too. That was a great effect. And of course she wears very rocky nail varnish on both her fingernails and toenails. 







Probably one of the major things I love about Alanis’ style is her hair. I love the long dark hair. Messy but neat. It is so rocky and I never changed my hair colour because I was born with the hair colour I wanted. The same hair colour as Alanis Morissette’s and though I am thinking of changing it soon just for a change it is probably going to be the colour I’ll come back to. When I was a kid I didn’t have long hair. I did when I was a teenager and onwards apart from of course when you have to get it cut so it isn’t down to your feet! And I would hate seeing it on the ground in a hairdressers. Still do actually. Probably always will. Alanis also has had amazing blonde hair too.


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