The Incredible Style of James Byron!

From his fashion sense to his make-up to his hair colour choices I am in awe of the style of Leicester singer/songwriter James Byron who appeared on this year’s Voice UK contest on BBC.

His style is androgynous and rock ‘n’ roll and James has said of his style,

“Androgyny is part of my style. I really respect women a lot and I don’t see any shame in looking like a woman. I don’t dress up too crazily, but I do wear feminine make-up so I do get people judging me when I walk down the street.”


Fashion Sense


With a colour palette composed mainly of dark colours and amazing accessories such as bandanas, chains and bracelets as well as denim jeans, his style shifts easily from casual to sophisticated and looks effortless and relaxed either way. He is excellent at putting looks together which is not an easy thing to do and make them look that perfect. The pieces he puts together look like they have come straight from the rock ‘n’ roll days of the past. He also does the theme of the same colour running through his look really well such as the grey in his Battle round in the Voice or in matching his top to his lipstick. In terms of brighter colours purple and red are colours that James seems to include in his looks a lot and they go really well with the darker shades he wears.



His make-up is amazing. There is a whole David Bowie/Adam Ant look to his make-up. And his penchant for red lipstick, which he admits was inspired by one of his idols Courtney Love, is just fabulous. But the part which I think is the most amazing is how perfectly he gets that whole rock/smoky eye look. (Never attempt to get that look when you are a bit drunk! Yes I am talking from experience!) It is really fab. I love his eye make-up. It always just looks so edgy and amazing. Like so many people with a rock ‘n’ roll style, James puts fabulous nail varnish too on his nails. It’s the little things that count!



James has experimented with his hair a bit. At the moment it is red, like his favourite Disney character Ariel and prior to that he had one of this season’s most popular hair shades pastel purple. Obviously we all seen his blonde hair on The Voice and in the past he has had black hair too. The maddening thing is that he looks amazing with every one of these colours! 🙂 On a side note I also loved his mum’s hair on The Voice. It was fabulous! 🙂


To see James’ pastel purple hair and red hair go to:

Pastel Purple:

Or to see some of his amazing music check out my other post here:


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