Three Act Tragedy By Agatha Christie Review!

Three Act Tragedy by dear old Agatha Christie is an amazing read!

Three Act Tragedy by dear old Agatha Christie is an amazing read!

I am a massive Agatha Christie fan. I think she is an absolute writing genius. Mystery writing is one of the most difficult writing there is. How on earth do you not give away the killer while also dropping hints about their identity but I think the way Christie puts her stories together is very clever especially in her novel Three Act Tragedy. I don’t want to give away who it is or why they did it because it is a clever script which everyone deserves the thrill of finding out while reading the novel but it is not an obvious ending. 

I recently completed the novel with the fabulous Hercule Poirot tottering around solving the crime and been all manner of fabulous!

The novel starts at the home of the famous actor, Sir Charles Cartwright where the actor is hosting a party. Of course our Belgian best friend Poirot is there which at once assures us all that not everyone is going to make it through the party! The unfortunate victim is the poor old vicar Rev. Stephen Babbington who takes a drop of his cocktail, convulses, and falls down dead. An inquest follows and his death is diagnosed as a seizure. However, this does not satisfy Cartwright who enlists Poirot to investigate.

The story moves on and one of the guests at Cartwright’s party Mr Satterthwaite is in Monaco when he reads about the death of Sir Bartholomew Strange who had also been at Cartwright’s party. He has perished in circumstances that are most similar my darlings to the way the dear old vicar has. Satterthwaite meets Cartwright and finds out that most of the guests who were at Cartwright’s party were also at Sir Bartholomew’s party. But Cartwright’s love Hermione Lytton Gore writes to Cartwright as the inquest into Strange’s death has been put down to nicotine poisoning. They meet up with Poirot and thus begins an investigation into the similarities of these two deaths.

It is a very clever script and I really liked the story. It may not have been considered one of her best stories but it is one of my favourite stories of hers.


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