The Best Diva Fever YouTube Vids Part 2!

The amazing divas at their audition!

The amazing divas at their audition!

Are you all up for a bit of Diva Fever?! 🙂 Well with the stunning Craig’s (Yes I know it will never happen. I’m not deluded! But I can still look and I know a good-looking man when I see one! :-)) 25th birthday coming up soon (the 4th of March) I thought it would be fitting to put up part two of the best of the divas on YouTube! So sit back and enjoy some more wonderful videos of the two hotties! :-):

Video 1: Diva Fever at Judge’s Houses:

Dressed all in white the lads bid for a place in the 2010 X Factor finals which they didn’t get and then they did which was brilliant. Here they are at mentor Simon Cowell’s house in 2010:

Video 2: Sunderland Pride 2013:

The lads performing at Sunderland Pride last year singing Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. Love them, love the song. Fab! :-):

Video 3: Singing Don’t Stop Believing:

The divas do their version of Don’t Stop Believing for Chicago Town Pizza. Fun! :-):

Video 4: Performing Sunny in the first live show:

Relive their first live show performance of Sunny. 🙂 Complete with a shiny disco ball graphic, dancers and a Bucks Fizz/Marija Naumova style moment, this is what Saturday Night TV is all about!:

Video 5: Performing Barbara Streisand in the second live show:

This was the first time I heard the song. The next time was Glee. 🙂 Another fab, fun performance. :-):

Video 6: Diva Fever and other X Factor acts including Jedward, Rylan and Jonny Robinson return:

Every year we need an entertainment act and that was missing this year on the show but what is even better than one entertainment act? Getting many of the best entertainment acts to appear on X Factor on stage together. I do wish Diva Fever were in it a bit more but still it was pretty fabulous and they did what they had to do very well as always. :-):

Video 7: Stoke Pride 2013:

This is the first of two videos of their performance at Stoke Pride last year. Enjoy! :-):

Video 8: Stoke Pride 2013:

And here’s the second part. Again enjoy! :-):

Video 9: Diva Fever on the flight back from Ireland:

The lads on the plane on the way back from Ireland:

Video 10: Walk In The Park 2011:

Performing Cee Lo Green’s Forget You, the amazing duo do another fabulously entertaining performance. :-):

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