I’m Waking Up From this Dream (2014 FAWM Song)

Stories in 5 Minutes

Waking Dream Waking Dream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m waking up from what once was a good dream
But now today, it’s my biggest nightmare
What was once true is now a lie
How did it all come to this

When I grew up, I wanted nothing more to be pretty and popular
Never expected to be anything less
But something funny happened on the road of growing up
And now I’m stuck here feeling less than what I wanted to be

If growing up is a waste of time, then why do we all do it
If dreams don’t always come true, then why do we dream at all
What’s the point of growing up and looking to the future
If the future is filled with lies

I wondered if I had done anything wrong in childhood
So far, everything seemed great
But now comes a time when I’m forced to question…

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