Valentine’s Singledom!


I have only ever received one Valentine’s card. When I was about 13 or so but I still don’t know who sent it and probably never will. But it wasn’t a sweet card. Sadly it was an incredibly dirty card. Oh maybe someday I’ll receive a card which is nice.

There is many reasons why I am single. I’m nerdy, career-orientated, shy and I fall for/have crushes on mostly gay men. Oh and I can’t read the signs when someone on that rare occasion likes me.

Still one day I live in hope that I will meet someone who likes me for exactly who I am. Until then the ‘ole teddies, flowers and chocolates don’t really bother me. I find the day sweet because I’m an old romantic and I love reading about celebrities’ love lives and how they are celebrating the day or writing a fanfic based on a Valentine’s Day scenario. And reading a bit of Mills & Boons (which I was in the rain waiting for the bus after college today until the gorgeous knight in shining armour of a bus driver came along to save me! He was beautiful!)  or watching romantic films or smiling at Google’s romance-themed logo. It can a bit of a sad day when your single but still fun in a different way. And on the plus side you don’t have the stress of buying someone something or getting something sorted. You can relax. And save a bit of money!

I love seeing all the teddies in the shops! They are so adorable! So until my own big human teddy bear comes along I’ll just have to make do with staring at the Valentine’s shop items and nosing at celeb’s relationships!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, single and attached, and as Kurt might say in Glee to all the singles out there this is our year! 🙂



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