Reasons To Love One Direction!

Those sexy 1D lads!

One Direction are the biggest boyband around at the moment. With Niall’s gorgeous blonde locks, Harry’s famous curly hair, Louis’ sexy accent, Liam’s deep eyes and Zayn’s sexy voice we are all in heaven! Amn’t I right lads and lassies?! With fab songs such as Little Things, What Makes You Beautiful and Best Song Ever mixed in with their charming wit and down-to-earth ways these boys are pretty much perfect, ain’t they?!


3 reasons to love Niall:

1. He’s Irish! I would say this because I’m Irish but to other guys and gals in other countries his accent is pretty sexy, ain’t it?

2. His blonde hair making him look oh so cute!


3. His charm. He has immense charm. Not surprising, most Irish lads do!

3 reasons to love Louis:

1. He has a really sexy accent. Well I would think so been Irish!

2. He’s really witty. Of them all Louis I feel is the wittiest but that’s just my opinion.

3. He looks good in a pair of shorts!

3 reasons to love Liam:

1. His eyes.

2. His abs which he recently showed off in Puerto Rico.

3. His X Factor “Cry Me a River” auditon! Fab!

3 reasons to love Zayn:

1. His sexy voice.

2. His relationship with Perrie.

3. When he refused to do the dancing on X Factor! Haha! Aw memories!

3 reasons to love Harry:

1. His curly hair.

2. His love of fashion.

3. The way he helps the homeless.

Comment below lads and lassies on why you love the 1D guys! 🙂

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