My Boyfriend Is A Vampire Part 1!


Wake up, wake up!”, came his familiar voice.

I could wake but I stayed asleep needing a few moments away from this madness that I had got myself into. Well this madness that he had got me into really. At the start it had been exciting. Almost an adventure really. How many high school boys get the chance to date a vampire? Or get to enter his home? Or fall in love with a vampire? There’s the big one there. The stumbling block. Never fall in love with the vampire. By all means roll with the punches, enjoy the adventure, get some great stories to tell the grandkids but do not fall in love with the vampire! When you do, then you can’t leave. You are stuck. It’s no longer just a want for fun. It becomes a need for love. To continue having them and their love in your life. Then you get knocked out by a werewolf.

Cully, wake up.”, he says, his voice full of fear.

I decide that I best not scare him anymore. I can’t bare to scare to him and hearing the trembling fear in his voice is killing me. But it doesn’t mean that I’m not fuming with him. I open my eyes. In response he holds me close to him tightly. He has this weird hug where there is a perfect balance of both tenderness and roughness. Though I know he doesn’t mean to be rough. It’s just he has so much strength. It’s automatic. He’s been thought that he has to be strong. From a very young age in fact by this father and his grandfather. Comes with the territory of been a vampire. You need to be both alert and tough. I just wish someone had told me that to be a vampire’s other half one also needs to tough and alert!

Oh thank god your alive.”, he said in glee.

Well it’s no thanks to you!”, I find myself saying before I can stop myself.

Cully …”, he begins with his eyes looking hurt.

No, I don’t have to curb what I feel. Not any longer. Trenton you never warned me how hard this would be when we got together!”

Well I couldn’t.”

Couldn’t?! More like wouldn’t!”

I didn’t think you would want anything to do with me if you knew the truth of what my life entailed.”

Pretty damn selfish that!”

He shrugged his shoulders.

I won’t deny that but it’s your own fault for been so goddamn wonderful. And super hot to boot.”

Despite my anger I begin to smile. He has done it again. He’s charmed me again! He always does. I should really stop trying to fight his charm at this stage. I’m too weak to it. Sensing that he may be back in my good books he takes hold of my hand and helps me to my feet.

Come on I’ll take you for a coffee. It’s not every day that a werewolf almost knocks you unconscious!”

Maybe it is though in your world””, I laugh.

Well not with me! In fact I can totally take on any werewolf! Or any creature, demon or spirit for that matter!”

Oh how very macho of you!”, I giggle playfully and we kiss softly.

I love you Trenton.”

I know. Come on. Let’s get that coffee.”

Though stung by the fact that he didn’t say it back I continue to walk with him to the café holding hands.

At the café I can feel that something is weighing on his mind heavily. I’m instantly worried. Is he going to dump me? Is that why he brought me to sit down?!

Trenton, are you alright?”

Yeah.”, he replies unconvincingly while shifting in his chair uncomfortably.

Babe …”, I begin.

He bangs the table hard with his fist startling me.

You can never leave it, can you?!”
“How can I leave it?! You never put me in the loop!”

He sighs and takes my hand in his gently.

I’m sorry Cully. Baby, I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just that you don’t understand this world. It’s dangerous.”

I can handle it.”

Cully you can’t.”

Let me decide that.”, I say indignantly.

Baby, I’m not trying to insult you. I know you are a strong, brave man but this is not your world …”

I want you to let me into your world. You shut me out all the time …”

I’m trying to protect you.”

I know that but I’m trying to tell you that I don’t need protection.”

I know but that doesn’t matter because I won’t let anything happen to you. I would never forgive myself.”

Why?”, I ask hoping that he will say it is because he loves me but knowing that that isn’t what he will say.

Because you’re a human. Your vulnerable in my world. I brought you into my world. If anything happens to you it’s my fault.”

Not because …”, I begin but trail off.

I had been about to say not because he loved me. His eyes bore into me. I can tell that he knows what I was about to say and I stare at the table to avoid his gaze.

Of course it’s because I care about you too but that goes without saying Cully.”

Care about me?! Care about me?! I feel like shouting that my one and only mate David cares about me and that I want so much more from him but of course I don’t. I’m weak to him. I’m scared that he’ll find me too clingy. Too needy. And that he’ll run a mile and I love him too much to let that happen. So I sit as always with a fixed smile upon my face.

That’s good. I care about you too.”

He looks uncomfortable.


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