Dancing on Ice Highlights Week 6!

Gareth and Brianne became the latest to leave the competition on Sunday!

Dancing On Ice’s fun theme this week was the year 1984! I love the 80s! Such a fun decade! 

And after a cheesy, fun-filled night Sam and Vicky and Gareth and Brianne found themselves in the  in the skate-off during the results show. Sam and Vicky skated to Dream Catch Me by Faulkner in a bid to stay in the competition while Gareth and Brianne skated to U2’s Beautiful Day in their bid for survival. The judges opted to save Sam and Vicky.

Best routine on the night was by Ray and Maria who almost scored a perfect 40. They scored 39.5!

Hard luck Gareth and Brianne. You both did really, really well and were amazing. Well done! 🙂

So roll on next week! Can’t it be a 60s theme next week and have someone dressed up as Twiggy?!



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